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I was wondering these days what would be the point in using WS-Passive when there is another simple sign-on solution, OpenID, that works really well and it’s getting a great adoption in the community. I can not say the same about WS-Passive, I haven’t...
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El proximo miercoles 20 de mayo a las 3 PM (GMT-05:00 Colombia, Panama), voy a estar presentando un MSDN webcast acerca de OpenID, OAuth y Windows Live ID. El evento va a ser transmitido en castellano para la comunidad de latinoamerica, y se va a enfocar...
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OpenID and OAuth are today excellent solutions for "Single Sign On" (SSO) and "Authorization Delegation" respectively. They are, however, based on Http Redirections and therefore, tied to passive clients or commonly called web browsers. An interesting...
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