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It's pretty interesting to see how useful workflow services can be sometimes, specially for business applications that require orchestrating several back-end services calls. As one of the programmers involved in the development of the WS-I Sample application...
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Continuing from my previous posts " REST and Workflow services play well together I " and " REST and Workflow services play well together II ", in which I created a new binding to send the workflow context as an http header, I've applied some modifications...
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In my previous post "REST and Workflow services play well together" , I mentioned that Http Cookies were one of the built-in mechanisms for transferring the workflow context across calls between the client and the service. While cookies work well for...
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REST is not just about CRUD interfaces for your services, a complete long-running workflow can be modeled through the basic verbs as well. As my friend Jesus mentioned , the article " How to get a cup of coffee " represents an excellent source about this...
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