Clarius is Hiring!!!

Want to work at a growing, high energy services-software company? Clarius Consulting is looking for the candidates to help us fill the following positions:

At Clarius we do all kind of interesting and exciting work. We help customers get up to speed with .Net by providing superb training, mentoring and consulting. We also write a lot of code. We present @ several conferences (locally and worldwide) and we write articles and books.

Senior Software Developers.

The position is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Local candidates only). Selected candidates should possess experience in many of the following disciplines:

Winforms .NET development (C#, preferably; MDI-based applications) and Webforms
XML-related standards
SQL Server 2000-2005
Explicit/Implicit stored procedures.
Web Services / .NET remoting / WCF
COM+ / .NET interoperability
Migration from COM+ to .NET

If you are interested, drop me a line with your resume (pci at clariusconsulting DOT net)


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