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Almost Too Easy!

Almost Too Easy!

That's how begins the title of one of the latest DevX articles: "Almost Too Easy! Creating Cross-Platform ASP.NET Applications Using Mono". The article subtitle is really catchy too: "Running basic ASP.NET applications on other platforms using Novell's open-source Mono project is as easy as copying the files to the new system. For ASP.NET 1.x authors, cross-platform code is fast becoming a reality.".

You named it, the article talks about using Mono to run ASP.NET applications on non-Microsoft OSes. In the article, the author mentions as a place containing a lot of very valuable information.

Writing the code was not that difficult. Even if you're a novice at C# you'll find lots of examples with a few simple Google queries. The Microsoft Visual Studio documentation and MSDN Web site are full of good information as well. I get a lot of good tips from reading Web logs. For example, the site gathers feeds from various writers both inside and outside of Microsoft and aggregates them into a single feed.

Yes! I like reading such comments ;-)

Concerning the contents of the article, I agree with Yosi to say that the example is too simplistic, and that Mono may not be suitable for enterprise applications - at least for quite a long period of time. I'd be curious - if I had some extra time to work on this - to do an indepth study of what remains to be implemented (ie: what's missing) in Mono to build those large Enterprise applications and solutions that large ISVs need to target.


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