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New Team System Walkthroughs

Ok, I just found out that the walkthroughs for the new Team System features were updated for the Beta 1 refresh. The trick is they are actually integrated into the help. This was a bit of a pain since I wanted to look at them on machine that didn’t have the Beta installed. But regardless, they are decent – not great, but better than anything else you’ll find at this point. After you install, go to the Contents in your help and the top item is “Visual Studio Team System”. Not everything is under there, but a lot is. For example if you want MSBuild info, go use the index and type in “MSBuild”. The testing section in the contents has a ton of topics, but you’ll notice much of it is placeholders. I’m hoping Scott Dockendorf gets moving on updating his Test-Driven Development talk to use the unit testing in Whidbey. Maybe he can provide some additional walkthroughs.

Posted: Oct 07 2004, 10:58 AM by cmenegay | with 1 comment(s)
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