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Dec. CTP w/Team System - Success!

Wow, compared to the Beta 1 Refresh, this version is a breeze to install. That might be partly because I learned a lot about VPCs and Active Directory during the B1R install that may have helped me out on this one. I haven't poked around too much yet, but I've already noticed several name changes - test Categories are now "Test Lists", and our old friend the "Portfolio Explorer" is now "Team Explorer". Portfolio projects are now "Team Projects". I followed the directions for installing both the middle-tier and client-tier on the same VPC, and it worked pretty flawlessly.  I had to manually start one of the TFS processes once because it timed out on boot.  I suspect that was simply a VPC slowness problem.

You should see some frequent posts from me on VSTS over the coming weeks as I am creating some new VSTS training materials, and need to go through it in pretty good depth to write the labs and demos.

Posted: Dec 24 2004, 03:43 PM by cmenegay | with 1 comment(s)
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Kirk Marple said:

Were you actually able to create Team Projects with the Dec CTP?

I got everything installed also - data tier and app tier on separate VPC, and client tier on the host computer.

It couldn't successfully create a team project - it gave an error at the end of the wizard about some Microsoft.Pcw.* plugin that it couldn't find.

# December 24, 2004 9:13 PM