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Answers to some VSTS Questions

I recently did some presentations on VSTS and these were some of the questions that came up, along with the cooresponding answers:

Q. If I shelve something - can I restrict who has access to the shelved code?
A: You can’t in terms of having those permissions be different than the permissions on the underlying item.  So when I shelve my changes, for example, everyone with access to the files involved can see my changes as well. The permissions are enforced according to each item’s permissions.  This means that if you don’t have read access to one or more of the items involved, you won’t be able to see the changes in the shelveset.

Q: What's available for distributed profiling? (running the profiler on my app, my webservice box, etc. - and monitoring it all)
A: Microsoft does not support any kind of distributed scenario.

Q: Does the source control API in VS2005 conform to SCC standards? 
A: I’m assuming they meant MSSCCI. MS chose a deeper integration with VS that they couldn’t get with MSSCCI today. MSSCCI is built on top of VSIP SCCI. Team Foundation version control goes straight down to VSIP SCCI, bypassing MSSCCI.

Also, I'm currently delivering a Team System training class in South Africa and I'll post the Q&A here as well once I figure out all of the A's.


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Peter Munnings said:

Hi Chris,

Thanks - the training was superb. I learnt a lot and I am really hoping we will be able to implement this very soon. Looking forward to Beta 2 and playing with the Build Process.

Hope you had a great day in the game reserve while we caught up with all the outstanding work - or should that be outstanding work items :)

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