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Team System Q&A

Here's a list of some recent Q&A from a Team System training class that I'm doing.  There should be more Q&A coming soon.
Q: How do I delete a Team Project?
A: There is a "DeleteTeamProject.exe" command line utility
Q: Can you deny multi-checkout permission per individual files?
A: You can only deny multi-checkout permission for certain file extensions or for entire team projects. You can't deny it for specific files.
Q: Can an automated scheduled build run validation on my deployment diagram?
A: It is can be done using SDM Compiler from a command line. You can explore SDM SDK from
Q: Are there certain work items fields that must exist?- the ones in the Pending Checkins window?
A: There are certain fields that all work item types must have. "Assigned to" and "state" are 2 such fields. All of the fields shown in the the pending checkin window must exist
Q: Can SCC merge binary files?
A: You can configure a merge tool for any given file extension. In the box will be a tool for merging text files, and a tool for merging XML. If you had a tool for merging binary files, you could associate that and then be able to merge them.
Q: How do you enable continuous integration (like CruiseControl),
A: You can build CI using TeamBuild by listening to checkin events and starting a build programatically. MS will have a white paper with sample code to build CI.
Q: How do you handle dev/test/prod connection strings when doing an App. Diagram?
A: The Application designer will have the ConnectionString as it exists in the development environment. Otherwise, the System designer enables the creation of different system configurations to represent system settings/configurations as they will exist in the different environments.
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