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September 2003 - Posts

Hosting .NET Controls in IE from the local file system

Today I had a discussion about hosting .NET components in IE from the local file system.

Referencing .NET assemblies that are downloaded from the web server can be done easily using the <OBJECT> tag.

However, using assemblies from the file system, the .NET component has to be registered with COM information, and installed in the global assembly cache.

How to is demonstrated in the knowledge base article 305624.


First Iceland .NET User Group

The .NET User Group Iceland was approved with INETA.

Thanks to Gisli Olafsson who is the user group leader, the group already had a very successful first meeting with 86 attendees. The meeting was about public available information from Whidbey, Yukon, Longhorn, Indigo (see this post).


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Blog referrals

Julia Lerman blogs about the lifespan of a blog post, and that she gets comments to posts that are months old.

In my referrals list (thanks to Scott Watermasysk's update to .Text) I can see that these blogs are accessed several times with Google searches:


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Anders Hejlsberg - Delegates, Components, and Simplexity

A conversation with Anders Hejlsberg - by Bill Venners with Bruce Eckel.

Anders compares delegates with Java's version of interfaces.

In part 2 of this series, The Trouble with Checked Exceptions, Anders explains why there are no checked exceptions in C#.

Part 1 is about The C# Design Process.

Eric, thanks for the link!


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Starting a new book

Until now I've co-authored many .NET books. My chapters covered topics such as

  • .NET Remoting
  • Assemblies
  • XML Web Services
  • Windows Forms
  • Active Directory
  • Messaging
  • COM Interop
  • Enterprise Services
  • Security
  • Network Programming
  • Multicasting
  • Windows Services
  • Localization
  • ...

The books in my list:

Now I'm writing a single-author book. Similar to the book blogs of Jeff Prosise and Ingo Rammer I'm starting my own in a separate section of my blog:

Book Writing   RSS

I will keep you updated about the progress and the topics of the book :-)


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Generic Terms and Custom Collections

Eric Gunnerson posts about generic terms:

open type, type parameter, constructed type, type argument, generic method, arity

Arity was new to me.

In a second post Generics and Object Collections he mentions a design guideline to expose custom collection classes instead of generic collections. Fully agree :-)
I'm doing this already with .NET 1, just the implementation of the custom collection classes will change with v2.

class EmployeeIDCollection: List<int>


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Iterators and Anonymous Methods

Robert Hurlbut talks about iterators and anonymous methods of C# 2. He found an MSDN article describing these new features. This article is already outdated.

Don Box describes the new syntax in his post The Perils of Pre-Disclosure


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.NET Cafe, Vienna - 16-September 2003, Plug-ins and Reflection

The first .NET meeting of the .NET User Group Austria after the summer break: Plug-ins and Reflection:

Tuesday, 16-September 2003
Start Time: 5:30 PM
Vienna, Austria

In this session Peter Koen develops a framework consisting of a plug-in system that dynamically invokes object by using Reflection.


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INETA Europe Speakers

On request of an INETA user group, INETA sends well-known European speakers to the user groups.

The next plans for speakers:

And these speakers already had talks with user groups:


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