ASP.NET Roadshow in Hong Kong?

I did a presentation about ASP.NET Whidbey 4 months ago, and I always think of any ways to propagate this wave and make my local developers happy about the latest technology...

Brian announced that the ASP.NET will be extended to several cities three weeks ago, but how can we get the latest information or technology if we're not in the States?

Fortunately, I got the Roadshow DVD and my Hong Kong .NET User Group will organize an event on 17 Apr, where we will play this DVD and let's my fellow user group members to watch and gather together! (I start preparing this event at the beginning of Mar in fact, but my UG committee agreed to reschedule it to the mid of Apr because a couple of folks were attending the MVP Summit right now :) (More people,  more fun!)

So, if you're a user group leader but living out of the States or currently you are not a MSDN Subscriber, I'd suggest you to take a look at this DVD from your regional .NET user group, check out for more details. ;-)

*Update: Thanks for Brian to make this DVD happen and Grazi to make the beautiful graphic :)

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