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  • Latest Control from MetaBuilders

    I'm sure I saw TONS of post on the Forums about “How to disable / make a button invisible after a click”, or “How to avoid double insertion of data”?

    This is a headache for developers especially when you click a button and insert something into the Database, as your user may press the “F5“ button and/or repeated click the submit button.

    This kind of FAQ normally got a couple of replies:
    1. Set the visible to “none” in Javascript
    2. Set the button to “disabled” in Javascript
    3. Use a layer to “hide” the button
    4. Redirect to the page itself after db operation
    (Many more “techniques“ and “pros/cons“ had been mentioned by Andy in his
    blog a few days ago.

    Today, I found that Andy create a new cool control in this topic : OneClick    

    (Is it REALLY the utimate solution for “Mr. Zero Patience” , Andy? ;-)


  • Special User Group Event

    My local Hong Kong .NET User Group organized a seminar for our members yesterday, the topic is Building Smartphone Application using .NET Compact Framework. Yeah, that seminar is great, I don't have a SmartPhone but I learn something new in this session!

    I called it “Special” event is not just only the content is great, but a special guest come and attend the session yesterday, he's David Bochsler - Regional Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Asia Pacific and Greater China Region.

    I never imagine that such a high profile person would stay until the end of a session (People will leave a room in the middle of an event normally, they call themselves - busy) and chat with my members in such a causal way. He's so nice and we had a great time here. He listen to the feedback from our User Group members and reply the questions one-by-one. Cool.

    I'll see him again in London as we're going to the INETA summit next week. Any one here will go there too?


  • Editable DropDownList in ASP.NET

    Similar to the ComboBox control in Windows Form, Andy made an awesome ComboBox control long times ago for ASP.NET - Yes, no such control in ASP.NET Server Control Collection, and we have to use some JavaScript and/or add a “ArrowDown” image next to a TextBox to stimulate this normally.

    Today, I found a useful article (by khoi) in this topic and it looks promising!

    1. ListItem Value Retrieval - The Combobox value is now mapped to the ListItem (Option) value attribute
    2. Auto Validation - You can now specify the Combobox to validate text entered by the user against the text in the ListItems.
    3. Text Field OnChange Event - The text field's onchange event is bubbled up to the Combobox control.
    4. Z-Indexing - The drop down arrow will no longer over lap other HTML elements
    5. DataBinding support in Designer Mode
    6. Visual distinction from HTML Select element
    7. Positioning (Bug Fix) - Combobox now displays correctly when printed or absolutely positioned.
    8. First Item Selection (Bug Fix) - You can now select the first item in the drop down.


  • DataGridGirl on MSDN

    Congrat to Marcie firstly, I saw her first article on MSDN ASP.NET Section go live today!

    Creating Custom Columns for the ASP.NET Datagrid
    See how you can make the ASP.NET Datagrid control even more powerful. Learn to add custom columns to display your data more appropriately for your users.    (September 11, Article)

    (All of the screen shot are in pink - as expected ;-)


    Moreover, another ASP.NET folk - Steve have another article about “Cache” and CacheConfig helper class:

    Creating a Cache Configuration Object for ASP.NET
    Learn how the CacheConfig helper class can improve caching policies across an ASP.NET application, improve reuse of cached data, and reduce the lines-of-code you need to implement caching.    (September 11, Article)

    (Please read his previous article:
    ASP.NET Caching: Techniques and Best Practices, first if you missed it)


  • TechEd/PDC Bloggers

    I visited TechEdBloggers.NET this morning and find that 2 new entries were added on 31 Aug (The latest 2 entries):

    If you're following the main feed, this will be redundant...sorry! [G.A.D.]

    Yes, a new blogging place was created dedicated for PDC, I don't want to repeat but I'd like to give a big THANKS to Drew, he kindly add some more information about my local TechEd onto TechEdBloggers now! That's really cool, as 2 days left for this amazing annual event only.

    Moreover, I'd like to give another big THANKS to ScottW: I setup a local Blogging Community namely Hong Kong Blogs, which is based on the .TEXT engine and a bit modification to ensure 100% globalization and based on the comment/suggestion from my local I.T. citizen. If you're a Chinese or Hong Kong citizen and wanna blog -> Hong Kong Blogs