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  • .Text was updated

    Firstly, Thanks ScottW to update this web site to .Text (Version !

    BTW, Many features were added in .Text v0.95, and one of the feature that draw my attention is the new “Entry Name” function. That is, you can define an “Entry Name” to name a post instead of the EntryID. I'm digging in Wiki recently and there's a similar feature called “Link Name Is Page Name”.

    Interesting! I'm looking forward to this new year gift from ScottW and I'm going to (hope?) upgrade my local blogging site during the new year holidays! (hm... well... it's still running on .Text v0.93...)


  • JSP Migrate to ASP.NET (ViewState and JavaBeans)

    When I searching for something about “ViewState” in the MSDN Library this morning, an article with title “ViewState and JavaBeans (ASP.NET Technical Articles)” placed at #1 in the result set.

    This is an interesting article firstly mention how to validate data input by user and persist form data for a page to post to itself after successful validation (Yes, that's called POSTBACK in ASP.NET) 

    This article examinate a class implemented in JavaBean and usage in a JSP file, and then the migration process to ASP.NET Web form by using Java Language Conversion Assistant (JLCA).

    The end of this article describes an “alternative” of JavaBean - ViewState (hidden field) in ASP.NET

    If you're interested in JSP, JLCA and characteristics of ASP.NET ViewState, this article is a good read.

    P.S. recently ported from Java to ASP.NET and it look promising, and a discussion board of the technical aspects of the conversion can be found at their CodeNotes forums.


  • ASP.NET Webcast Week - January 19-23, 2004

    Interesting (Busy) January ? Ya, I think so..

    ASP.NET Webcast Week

    Learn about ASP.NET from the experts! These free events are live and interactive. Live code demos and attendees asking in depth engaging questions are all part of this live event. This is a great way to get educated, engaged, and enlightened on Microsoft developer tools.   


  • Redesigned Sites

    Larua blogged about the redesign of MSNBC lately, which remind me one of the MSN web site build by the .NETJunkies recently:

    The MSN Messenger , which is written in ASP.NET/C# and localized for 40 cultures using the .NET localization capabilities!

    Another feature is... It provide a lot of cool images for the MSN Messenger! E.g.  and


  • Presentation of ASP.NET Whidbey

    I'm glad to give a talk about ASP.NET Whidbey for my Hong Kong .NET User Group last Sat, it's a great moment as the audience showed vigorous response during the presentation.


    1. The audience here normally are pretty shy and quiet for any technical presentation, but I heard “Wow”, “Yeah”... etc throughout the presentation. Obviously, the features of the next version of ASP.NET give them a shock. The most interesting topic look like:

      - Dynamic Compilation
      - Precompilation (Inplace & Binary approaches)
      - Wizard Control
      - Data Control (Data Source and Data Binding Controls)
      - Master Page
      - Web Parts

    2. I'm not sure is there any relationship between the topic of presentation and hunger / mood of the audience, but when I finish my talk, turn off my laptop and then go into the pantry... What I can see is....



    1. I request Thomas to speak for a session for our user group on that day... but finally I didn't see him... :( 
      So I extend my 1 hour ASP.NET Whidbey session to 3 hours finally ... Thomas.. Where're you?


  • Understanding Caching Application Block

    Just came across these 2 articles from the ASP.NET Forums tonight:

    Please bear in mind that the second document is written for executive only, so nothing in depth and... one of the interesting point is : “Java programmers are paid about 25% higher salaries than equivalent VB or Cobol programmer...”

    Well, we ocassionally see a few of survey showing this point and we (.NETers point of view) may accept this kind of report; while the second article just use that reason to show to the “Executive” / management that -> hire non-Java programmer can save your $$


  • Meeting my .NET friend - Thomas :)

    The Hong Kong .NET User Group will organize the second user group gathering on 6 Dec 2003, which have a huge difference than normal UG gathering!

    Although we are still going to meet fellow developers, share and chat with friends face-2-face, play game and distribute giveaways..., and one of the special meaning of such gathering is... I'll meet my friend - Thomas in person. Thomas is a young and promising developer from Norway, or more accurately should be: He's a ASP.NET developer + outstanding designer. :)

    He'd accepted my invitation and spend few hours staying in my user group (although he's enjoying his valuable vacation). BTW, He'll deliver a session about “Implementing GDI+ in business applications”, here are 2 of the previews in his demo:


    Moreover, I'll speak for another session on that day, that's the preview of ASP.NET “Whidbey“ - Yeah, I love this session and I'm still preparing the slides right now, and I'm appreciate to hear any suggestion / feedback if you deliver / attend presentation of this topic in the past. :)


  • .NET invade student community

    I attended an opening ceremony in the Department of Computing, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education last Sat, and the name of that event is ".NET Student Union Opening Ceremony".

     (all of our heads turn left, right, left... all the times)   

    Yeah, I'm glad to be a guest of this event and meet the department head - Mr. L K TSANG, Justice of the Peace. Both of us like looking at the fruit in harvest. :) 

    That "Union" is actually formed by a group of students, which is a voluntary group primarily focus on .NET technology. Personally, I'd treat it as a Going-To-Be-UserGroup union as this group is actually initiated by our Hong Kong .NET User Group. ;)

    We've contacted the professor and doctors in that institution and organized a series of .NET presentation and keep contact with the students over there.

    In the new academic year in Sept 2003, the department of computing changed their syllabus and firstly introduced “.NET“ as their compulsory courses. we sponsored 5 x final year projects this year and approached a couple of the students and professors in the meantime. After a couple of meetings and discussion with all of them, an idea of ".NET Study Group" (which mean a user group for students) appeared and now, it officially formed as a ".NET Student Union"! :-D

    The role of our Hong Kong .NET User Group in this "Student Union" is as an advisor, we cooperate and work closely with the student leaders, we exchanage idea and be a partner in many situations. However, the standpoint of our .NET User Group and .NET Student Union are clarified by me in a meeting right after the ceremony clearly, such that no overlapping of work or misunderstanding among our two groups for the public, and I think I'll encourage them to register in INETA in the coming months, provided that their structure, mission and ideas are stablized.

    It's so nice to see the students gather, discuss and form this "union" by themselves actively, the environment and formation of that ceremony and student union are so great.