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  • Mydoom Virus Alert

    Norton Anti-virus was installed and monitor incoming email in my Exchange server, it will send an email to me whenever virus found and/or deleted. However, I'm sick of receiving this kind of email ... as I received 923 emails this morning... See my Inbox?!

    Make sure you take a look at:


  • Trackback Handler

    What's Trackback/Pingback? How do you know who's reading your blog? What's the magic behind this secret mechanism whenever we post a blog (no matter in .Text, DasBlog, MT...)?

    I asked this kind of newbie question like the definition of Trackback to ScottW when I firstly implement .TEXT in about 6 months ago, and he is so kind and share a tutorial with me at that time.

    Now, Trackback/Pingback become a popular (must?) features in weblogging and Patrick wrote an article in writing a Trackback Handler (VB.NET) recently. :)


  • Fighting With Spam Comment

    Recalling a blog posted in about 2 days ago, I hate spam... I received tons of spam mails everyday and saw tons of spamming messages in different online communities/discussion forums, included “blogging site”.

    I receive a couple of comment spams from here per week, well, I know it's undesirable but I adapt it. It's a known issue that most of the spam messages are posted to my old blog entries. Today, Oleg blogged that MovableType 2.661 released, which have a couple of cool features to fight against comment spam!


  • A new local blogging community - One Seek (搵食)

    In order bring the concept of "Blogging" to my country, I created "Hong Kong Blogs" in about 5 months ago, which is base on the pre-release version of .TEXT (Well, it's still call AspNetWebLog at that time :)

    Last week, I created another blogging site - OneSeek, which is basically nothing technical but for relaxation / chit-chat. Anonymous user can post their experience or comment about foodie to this site and all of the entries are categoried by culture. (Of course, you can subscribe to the main feed or subscribe to a particular category/culture :)

    This blogging site is actually base on the blog app written by Mike, and I decide to give it a try when starting this project rather than using the powerful .TEXT because... This blogging site is solely written by "Web Matrix" and just made up of < 20 files only. :D

    (The code can be downloaded from Mike's web log free of charge, and he's an author of the title Web Matrix Starter Kit!)

    Same as the initial work on .TEXT, I modify a bit on the source like Rich Text Enabled, "Globalization" (Is it really common to use VarChar or Text in SQL Server rather than NVarChar or NText?) and tailor-made for the requirement and comments from my friends.

    Now, it's LIVE!

    Check it out if you want to know more about Asian or delicious food (provided that you can read Chinese as this site is for my buddies) ;-)


  • Passing Data Across Web Pages - Obfuscate QueryString

    The title of this entry is a FAQ in any ASP.NET Disucssion, as all of us have to face the problem of “stateless” in Web environment. Passing data through QueryString is not anything new, but I just read an article about “Obfuscate your ASP.NET Query Strings” from TheServerSide.NET

    This article is written by Tim on .NETJunkies originally, and I just reply to a thread on the Forum in this subject today (well, this question appear on the Forum several times a day)

    While one of the point worth noting is the comment on TheServerSide.NET:

    Absolutely; there are always limitations in any security technology, even everybody's favorite, SSL, and that's why I chose to title the news item using the word "obfuscation" rather than "encryption".


  • Microsoft Newsgroup Spammed

    I spend HUGE amount of (both office and personal) time in various online communities, e.g. ASP.NET Forum, AspAdvice, WindowsForms Forum, my .NET User Group...etcetc. I enjoy the community life and browsing different types of forum, blog and other resource sites.

    Today, I went to my local Microsoft MSDN Newsgroup suddenly (Well, I didn't visit it for some time due to some reason - keep reading)

    What I can say is: “ah.. WTH... The problem still exist.. I mean, "SPAMMING" is all around!“

    This problem maybe occur in my country only, as I can still see technical discussion in other countries, but will you spend time to (re)visit the MSDN Newsgroup if you're living here and see this screen:

    Nothing (technical / .NET-related) but spam only?

    I don't want to discuss the need and importance of "Moderation" mechanism in discussion groups, but PLEASE drop me a line if you know who monitor or maintain the Microsoft newsgroup, especially in the Microsoft Asia Pacific region! 


  • Monodoc 0.9 released

    Regarding the blog by Jesse about the Mono 1.0 release yesterday, I just received an email announcing the release of Monodoc 0.9 from Miguel today.

    When talking about Mono, I met Duncan, one of the Mono developer, in my local .NET User Group monthly gathering 2 weeks ago. It's a great moment to meet him in Hong Kong, but he have to fly to Boston immediately so he can't deliver a presentation to my user group members...

    Well, the meetup is cool and we didn't do any marketing job. That is, he didn't promote Mono and I didn't (little?) mention .NET throughout the session. Anyway, we have fun and a common topic to chat: our experience and deficient when coding in Java :)

    Here are some references of the Mono project:

    Home, Forum, MailingList#1 and MailingList#2


  • Office System 2003 On the Web

    Come across the web site of “SmartLibrary“ today...

    It's nifty! It just like porting the Office 2003 to the Web, and it also modularized into several “web parts” (I believe the functionality is different from the Web Part framework in ASP.NET 2.0 though).

    You can toggle a menu “onMouseOver” per blog entry. :)

    The current and upcoming SmartLibrary controls can be downloaded at here and here.


  • Is Messenger that dangerous... for employer/employee?

    Johan blogged about the “security” and “danger” of using Messenger in his working place, well, which recalling me that a blogger friend of mine wrote about the “privacy” of using Messenger - No Privacy!

    MSN sniffer is a handy network utility to capture MSN chat on network. It records MSN conversations automatically. All intercepted messages can be saved as HTML files for later processing and analyzing.

    It is very easy to make it to work. Just run the MSN sniffer on any computer on your network, and start to capture. It will record any conversation from any PC on the network. No additional program installation is needed on the monitoring target computers. Everything will be recorded without being detected. It is especially useful for administrators or parents, who need to monitor what their employees or kids are talking about with others.

    That mean, even you can install Messenger and no port restriction in your working place, another potential danger migh be.. your boss and the conversation archive... :S