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Free Excel Writer

There're many Excel writer / Automation tool out there... some are free and some (most?) cost a few bucks..

Excel Writer Now, the man - Carlos - announce a free library to generate Excel workbook in .NET - ExcelWriter, well, one more tool in his "tool box" now :-)

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DotNetNuke 2.0 Beta 2 Out

Stefano blogged that DotNetNuke 2.0 Beta 2 is available now, it's a good news as DotNetNuke 2.0 is a killing app, and it's a valuable resources and result of the ASP.NET developer community.

Actually, I was preparing the comparsion, features, architecture, advantage and disadvantage between DotNetNuke and CSK/GCN for my fellow AspInsiders over the past few weeks. However, I temporarily hold it in the middle of my investigation and study, and then give DotNetNuke 2.0 Beta 1 a try. Well, it look like I have some more thing to do once Beta 2 released now..

BTW, Any input about the architect and comparsion of DNN and CSK/GCN are appreciated, especially the fans of DNN and/or CSK are welcome! Debate/Discussion is always a good way in brainstorming.

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Free Evaluation of ASP.NET Component Pack

Just moderated a message on the ASP.NET Forum and this component pack look promising:

v1.3 release
- New: support for Delphi 8
- New: CheckListBox and CheckListDropDown control
- New: ClickOnceButton control
- New: DetailList control
- New: AdvToolButton control
- New: NoSpamEmailLabel control
- New: ClientWatch control
- New: CalculatingLabel control
- New: ListOrganiser control
- New: ScrollBarPersistence control
- New: ScrollBarColors control
- New: TextAreaLimiter control
- New: features demo for Visual Studio .NET, WebMatrix and Delphi 8
- Enhanced: cross browser compatibility for Internet Explorer 5, 5.5, 6, Netscape 7, Opera 7, Mozilla 1.4, Mozilla 1.5
- Enhanced: AdvEdit with AutoFocus, Focus border control
- Enhanced: DatePicker with AutoFocus, Focus border control, editor enable, glyph based drop down button
- Enhanced: AdvWebGrid with improved client-side script handling, improved detail rows (with DB detail), improved dynamic editing, improved rendering
- Enhanced: Outlookbar rendering in user controls, tables
- Enhanced: AdvSpinEdit with AutoFocus, focus border control, improved spin up/down buttons
- Numerous smaller improvements, fixes & optimizations

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Microsoft Imagine Cup - the creative challenge for tech-savvy students

Imagine Cup arrive Hong Kong now! Argh! hold on... read it carefully... ;-)

The Imagine Cup 2004 contains four categories:
Software Design Invitational: Register for local competition
Rendering Invitational: Online worldwide direct registration
Algorithm Invitational: Online worldwide direct registration
Short Films Invitational: Online worldwide direct registration

For registration and participation to the last three worldwide invitationals, please visit the world-wide Imagine Cup website, there is no local competition for these three categories, but we look forward to see talents from Hong Kong shining in these areas.

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MSDN Connection call for developers

MSDN connection look like spreading to Australia lately... :)

Compare with my old blog and information from the official MSDN Connection, MS Australia and HK web sites, the architectures and tiers are different in different regions..?!

Anyway, a MS Gold Connection Cocktail Gathering gathering will be held tomorrow and let's see whether the direction, definition and other terms and conditions are the same across APAC. :) 

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FreeTextBox 2.0 Released

FreeTextBox 2.0 has been released. The most obvious new feature is support for non-IE browsers, which means, I should soon be able to edit this blog using FireFox :)

  • English, Spanish and Chinese are supported
  • Projects Using FreeTextBox: ASP.NET Forums, .Text, DNN, Rainbow...
  • Cross-browser support (Mozilla 1.3+, PC/IE 5+)
  • Button/DropDown feedback
  • Localization (create your own language files)
  • Inline toolbar customization
  • Back button support in IE
  • Office 2003 Style
  • External JavaScript
  • Completely recoded as a development platform

Personally, I use FTB in various Web apps lately, which is definitely a GREAT work! Thanks John.

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