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  • ASP.NET Web Matrix Project - Japanese Edition

    Web Matirx ??ASP.NET ????????????? WYSIWYG ???? ?????????????

    As I blogged earlier, the ASP.NET Web Matrix have some minor problem about internationalism. BTW, you may know that Web Matrix is actually build by the ASP.NET Team in their spare time, and it's a community support product and the magic source is never open / available for the public.

    However, I was shocked when I visit Microsoft Japan web site today.. The ASP.NET Web Matrix (Windows Forms application written in C#) display Japanese!


    I translate a portion of the description, system requirement and FAQ on that Japanese web page, and I found that this edition is identical with the edition available on www.ASP.NET ! Hm... What's happen in Japan? Someone (re)write and port it to Japanese? Anyway, I'm sure it's a great news for Japanese ASP.NET developers, and it'd be great if it will change to other languages as well. :)
    (Anybody hear me?)


  • ASP.NET: Issue Tracker Starter Kits Beta Release

    Download Issue Tracker Starter Kit

    The Issue Tracker Starter Kits (Beta) enables project teams to keep track of outstanding issues, assigned owners, history and related issues through a Web-based interface.


    Create Projects

  • Define project name and description
  • Create issue categories and custom fields
  • Add project members and permissions
  • Create and Track Issues

    • Assign issue owners and add notes
    • Track issue status, related issues and history
    • Query and sort issues using a boolean search

    Technologies and Design Approaches Demonstrated:

    • Best practices for building applications in preparation for ASP.NET 2.0
    • Multiple database support (Access (Jet) and SQL Server)
    • Mobile web application development
    Download Starter Kit
    View Quickstart
    Discuss in the Forum



  • DotNetNuke v2.0 Final Release

    Open Source Portal Application Unveiled at VS Live! 2004

    DotNetNuke 2.0 Immediately Available for Free Download

    The long anticipated DotNetNuke 2.0 release is ready for official download. This marks the end of a 6 month development cycle and 5 week Beta Test cycle. Thanks to the Core Team for their extreme dedication.   read more...


  • View Your App From User Point of View

    I did something wrong this morning.. It's my fault..

    The story is about to begin: I use a WinForm ListView control and bind some data to it, and there's a column showing the Invoice Number where the users want to view the Invoice Details in an complementary ASP.NET Web application by clicking on it (These system are basically interchangable but target for different platform with different functionality, so the InvoiceID is reusable). Therefore, I wrote a line of code immediately in the DoubleClick event of the WinForm ListView control as:  ( < 1 min )


    Well, it works obviously! However, the users told me that the system always use their "existing" browser to view the data instead of pop up a new browser instance!!

    So, I open the project and modify the code as: 

    Dim p As New Process()
    p.StartInfo.FileName = Url
    p.StartInfo.CreateNoWindow = False
    p.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = True

    Well, it works (too)! But the point is.. use the existing one or pop up a new window? Both have its own pros and cons, and.. I agree that pop up a new browser instance make more sense from user point of view...

    My conclusion is: Developers' Lazyiness << Users' Friendly experience :)


  • A Formatting Bug in Web Matrix Guided Tour

    I saw a couple of threads posted by ASP.NET Web Matrix Guided Tour users on the ASP.NET Forum recently, where all of them face a problem of “End of Statement Expected...” when trying to use the Data Method Code Wizard to populate a DropDownList.

    This error is actually due to a formatting bug in the tutorial itself, that is, a few lines of code were put on a single line mistakenly, so the run time can't recognize the line break and complete line of code.

    The whole story and solution can be viewed at here, and I hope this blog can help other WM users. :)


  • Cassini Web Server V.Next ?

    Just approve a promising message when I was moderating the ASP.NET Forum, the message subject is:

    Download New CassinEx Web Server

    Wow! New CassinEx Web Server? Enhanced Version? Bug Fixed? Next Version? Is it the same as Cassini Project with a different name/interface?

    If you ever used ASP.NET Web Matrix, or even tried the ASP.NET v2.0, you may noticed that you can run your web page without IIS, and that's just the power and ability of Cassini.


  • ASP.NET Device Profiling

    Mobile DevicesAre you a ASP.NET mobile device developer? Did you install the latest Device Update 4 for ASP.NET v1.1 yet? Wait for ASP.NET Whidbey and its Web + Mobile device rendering? If not, don't see your favorite device listed in the supported devices list? You can now potentially add support for such device(s) using the Device Profiling tool available at Device Profiling.

    The Microsoft ASP .NET Mobile Controls Device Profiling Service is provided for your convenience. The Service basically consists of a tool that allows you to determine the capabilities of a mobile device so you can extend ASP.NET mobile controls to support it and then stores the profile information in a list accessible by you under the "My Profiled Devices" portion of the Service. ASP.NET mobile controls (formerly known as Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit) provide support for more than 200 devices, and Microsoft continues to add support for new devices through regular device updates, available for download from the Device Update Web site here.. If you need to extend ASP.NET mobile controls to use devices not yet supported through device updates, you can use this Service to profile the device. [more]


  • A good and bad forum post

    Mike blogged about how to write a good bad post on the ASP.NET Forum, it's VERY true and I 100% agree with him:

    1. Write a useless title. Create a title that says nothing about your question. The best possible title is "Help!" so that people looking through the new postings will understand that you need assistance, unlike everyone else who's also posted a question. Corollary The title "Help!!!" instead of "Help!" shows that your post is three times as urgent.
    2. Do no research. Although there are 500,000 posts on the forum, no one has ever had the same question as you.
    3. Ignore the FAQs. Ditto.
    4. Don't use Google. Ditto.
    5. Blame the software. The likeliest explanation for your problem is that ASP.NET has a bug, or .NET, or even Windows. After all, that explains most problems that people have. So when you post your problem, be sure to note that this seems like a bug to you.
    6. Post a 300-line example. People who answer questions on the forum clearly have nothing to do. So they'll be happy to parse your enormous example to see if they can spot that elusive problem.
    7. Let someone else devise a repro case. When the button click handler isn't called in your sample, by no means should you try to create a smaller repro case. All you know is that your sample doesn't run.
    8. Post a sample that depends on a resource you don't describe. Be sure your sample reads from your production database. Don't worry, people will figure out your schema.
    9. Don't format your code. Indentation is overrated.
    10. Use a single run-on sentence to describe your problem. You're in a hurry, after all, so who's got time to describe the problem carefully? PS How long does it take to get an answer on this forum, anyway?
    11. Sprinkle your post with typos. People who get distracted trying to figure out what you're saying aren't real programmers.
    12. If people don't seem to get your problem, get mad at them. "Ok, let me explain my problem again, you dummies. There, understand? Now, where's my answer?"
    13. Post in the wrong forum. Post your question in the FAQ forum. After all, it kind of relates to something that it says in one of the FAQs. Or post everything in the Getting Started forum, what the hell.
    14. Complain about the product. Ask people what's so great about this product, anyway? "In PHP I could do this in three lines, ya know. But my stupid boss is making me use ASP.NET. So how do you this in your stupid language?" Corollary When people jump through hoops to get you an answer, tell them "That's ok, I decided to go back to PHP."
    15. Keep posting new questions to the same thread. Hey, people really jumped on that first question, so why not ask some more, now that you've found some people who will answer?

    Moreover, reply with a simple word like “Yeah!” or “It works!”  if the problem had been solved, as it's the most warmest gift for the answerer and share/beneficial to other forum readers. :)


  • DotNetNuke 2.0 Beta 2 Out

    Stefano blogged that DotNetNuke 2.0 Beta 2 is available now, it's a good news as DotNetNuke 2.0 is a killing app, and it's a valuable resources and result of the ASP.NET developer community.

    Actually, I was preparing the comparsion, features, architecture, advantage and disadvantage between DotNetNuke and CSK/GCN for my fellow AspInsiders over the past few weeks. However, I temporarily hold it in the middle of my investigation and study, and then give DotNetNuke 2.0 Beta 1 a try. Well, it look like I have some more thing to do once Beta 2 released now..

    BTW, Any input about the architect and comparsion of DNN and CSK/GCN are appreciated, especially the fans of DNN and/or CSK are welcome! Debate/Discussion is always a good way in brainstorming.


  • Free Evaluation of ASP.NET Component Pack

    Just moderated a message on the ASP.NET Forum and this component pack look promising:

    v1.3 release
    - New: support for Delphi 8
    - New: CheckListBox and CheckListDropDown control
    - New: ClickOnceButton control
    - New: DetailList control
    - New: AdvToolButton control
    - New: NoSpamEmailLabel control
    - New: ClientWatch control
    - New: CalculatingLabel control
    - New: ListOrganiser control
    - New: ScrollBarPersistence control
    - New: ScrollBarColors control
    - New: TextAreaLimiter control
    - New: features demo for Visual Studio .NET, WebMatrix and Delphi 8
    - Enhanced: cross browser compatibility for Internet Explorer 5, 5.5, 6, Netscape 7, Opera 7, Mozilla 1.4, Mozilla 1.5
    - Enhanced: AdvEdit with AutoFocus, Focus border control
    - Enhanced: DatePicker with AutoFocus, Focus border control, editor enable, glyph based drop down button
    - Enhanced: AdvWebGrid with improved client-side script handling, improved detail rows (with DB detail), improved dynamic editing, improved rendering
    - Enhanced: Outlookbar rendering in user controls, tables
    - Enhanced: AdvSpinEdit with AutoFocus, focus border control, improved spin up/down buttons
    - Numerous smaller improvements, fixes & optimizations


  • Microsoft Imagine Cup - the creative challenge for tech-savvy students

    Imagine Cup arrive Hong Kong now! Argh! hold on... read it carefully... ;-)

    The Imagine Cup 2004 contains four categories:
    Software Design Invitational: Register for local competition
    Rendering Invitational: Online worldwide direct registration
    Algorithm Invitational: Online worldwide direct registration
    Short Films Invitational: Online worldwide direct registration

    For registration and participation to the last three worldwide invitationals, please visit the world-wide Imagine Cup website, there is no local competition for these three categories, but we look forward to see talents from Hong Kong shining in these areas.


  • MSDN Connection call for developers

    MSDN connection look like spreading to Australia lately... :)

    Compare with my old blog and information from the official MSDN Connection, MS Australia and HK web sites, the architectures and tiers are different in different regions..?!

    Anyway, a MS Gold Connection Cocktail Gathering gathering will be held tomorrow and let's see whether the direction, definition and other terms and conditions are the same across APAC. :) 


  • FreeTextBox 2.0 Released

    FreeTextBox 2.0 has been released. The most obvious new feature is support for non-IE browsers, which means, I should soon be able to edit this blog using FireFox :)

    • English, Spanish and Chinese are supported
    • Projects Using FreeTextBox: ASP.NET Forums, .Text, DNN, Rainbow...
    • Cross-browser support (Mozilla 1.3+, PC/IE 5+)
    • Button/DropDown feedback
    • Localization (create your own language files)
    • Inline toolbar customization
    • Back button support in IE
    • Office 2003 Style
    • External JavaScript
    • Completely recoded as a development platform

    Personally, I use FTB in various Web apps lately, which is definitely a GREAT work! Thanks John.