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  • Windows Mobile 6 for Palm Treo 750V

    After attending the MS Hong Kong TechEd 2007 2 weeks ago, I'm glad to meet Mr. Mobile and recently, I know that Windows Mobile 6 release for the Palm Treo 750V after reading his blog.

    Frankly, I had been using the Treo 750V with my 3G data plan for more than 8 months, but I'm not satisfied and won't recommend this phone to others, because it is not so stable and I asked for a replacement already. Also, I have to restart it at least once a day (I know I know, it's acceptable for most WM users out there).

    Anyway, I just install Windows Mobile 6 on my Treo 750V successfully so I hope this would enhance my device and fix some bugs. Also, please also read this doc about the difference between WM5 and WM6.



  • Sleep and Power Management in Windows Vista

    I run into a problem that my laptop cannot wake up after sleep / hibernate, I try many different settings and combinations in power management of Vista and no luck, so I suspect it is related to my recent installation of KB939979 or KB938194?!