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Windows Mobile 6 for Palm Treo 750V

After attending the MS Hong Kong TechEd 2007 2 weeks ago, I'm glad to meet Mr. Mobile and recently, I know that Windows Mobile 6 release for the Palm Treo 750V after reading his blog.

Frankly, I had been using the Treo 750V with my 3G data plan for more than 8 months, but I'm not satisfied and won't recommend this phone to others, because it is not so stable and I asked for a replacement already. Also, I have to restart it at least once a day (I know I know, it's acceptable for most WM users out there).

Anyway, I just install Windows Mobile 6 on my Treo 750V successfully so I hope this would enhance my device and fix some bugs. Also, please also read this doc about the difference between WM5 and WM6.


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Sleep and Power Management in Windows Vista

I run into a problem that my laptop cannot wake up after sleep / hibernate, I try many different settings and combinations in power management of Vista and no luck, so I suspect it is related to my recent installation of KB939979 or KB938194?!

Nevertheless, I searched a couple of articles & tools, and also the differences between sleep (S2), hybrid sleep (S3) and hibernate (S4) in Windows Vista. My resolution is... update the latest version of display driver in Vista then problem gone. :)

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