Expandable or Auto-Resize TextBox Height

Recently, I was asked to prepare a Facebook like expandable textbox in a ASP.NET web application, where user can input text and the textbox can be re-sized (more specifically the height) dynamically.

I searched for a while and found quite a lot of solutions that use jQuery (example). However, I was looking for something more intrinsic and simple, and finally I found another script on a forum that just use few lines of JavaScript codes:

1. Control declaration:

<asp:TextBox ID="txtMsg" runat="server"  TextMode="MultiLine" style="overflow:hidden" onkeyup="AutoExpand(this, event)" Rows="2" />

2. JavaScript function:

function AutoExpand(txtBox, event)
    if (event.keyCode == "13" || event.keyCode == "8") {
        var therows = 0
        var thetext = document.getElementById(txtBox.id).value;
        var newtext = thetext.split("\n");
        therows += newtext.length

        document.getElementById(txtBox.id).rows = therows;
        return false;

That's it. Just put the script above in a script file and then re-use it for any buttons in the whole application.


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