Provware Framework…the first drop

Last night, I posted the first build of the Provware Framework on my site (  It’s been a project that I’ve been working for  the past month during my “free time”.

What’s the Provware Framework?
The Provware Framework is an API set built to make the interactions with IIS more intuitive and developer friendly.  For instance, the typical way that developers interact with IIS is via the DirectoryServices API of the .NET Framework.  This requires a fair amount of knowledge of how to program via ADSI and the IIS Metabase.  Since many people are just looking for a way to create sites, virtual directories, and application pools, this can be very difficult.  Thus the Provware Framework is born.

The Provware Framework provides a simple way to manage IIS components via .NET in a more “strongly typed” fashion.

Here are some links to some blog posts on the Provware Blog that should get you going:

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