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  • (RE-)Started the MPS Community

    For quite some time I’ve had this MSN Group created, but never really got if off the ground.  Well now I’m going to change that!! (I hope)

  • History of the Web Admin Tool 1.0

    It seems like just yesterday that I completed development of the Web Admin Tool.  If memory serves me well, I complete the project the winter of 2000.  I joined Microsoft in July of 1999 as a Technical Specialist within the Network Solutions Group (renamed to Network Service Providers and now Communications and Mobile Solutions Unit) in Redmond.  My goal was to work with a team of Business Development Managers and provide them technical pre-sales support with their customers.  The job was pretty fun.  I got to work with a number of technologies and products and talk with a wide variety of people in a range of positions.  Sometimes I would talk with the CEO or President of a company or talk with operational engineers.