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  • WSS and Visual Studio.NET 2003

    So I have this development box at home that I use from time to time to try out new concepts.  Several weeks ago I installed Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) on it to play with the latest in Webpart technologies (blog entry for another day).  Well tonight I wanted to tryout this idea that I've been having around distribution groups that are stored in AD/AM and managed by individual users via a website.  So in order to make this work, I needed to develop a new ASP.NET website.  Of course I planned to use Visual Studio.NET 2003 to make this happen, but I ran into something very weird.

  • New MPS Content on the MPS Community

    Before I take my vacation to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico (oh yes I can almost feel the warmth!!), I updated the MPS Community site with a bunch of new Articles that covers a number of different topics.  Hopefully this will give people something to read and talk about until I return.