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  • Back to the East Coast for Conrad (oh ya, leaving Microsoft and going to eQuest Technologies)

    As of April 8th I will no longer be working for Microsoft in the Communications Sector (formerly CMSU, NSP, NSG…) as the Program Manager for Service Provisioning.  I have accepted a position at eQuest Technologies as a Senior Architect.  As eQuest is a close partner of Microsoft, I’m sure I’ll continue to work with many of you (Microsoft People and Microsoft Customers) in the future.  As always, I will remain an active participant in the MPS Community ( ) and will periodically post on my blog ( ).  Now that I work for a System Integrator, I guess I’m also for hire!  So if there are future projects you’d like me to work on with you (I’m guessing MPS projects will be at the top of that list), I’d be more than happy to assist you in those efforts (I’m planning on doing lots of work with MPS, MIIS, and Whidbey).