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  • My Press Release

    When a company goes through the trouble of creating and publishing a Press Release about you joining the team, I suspect that they expect some work out of you.  So off to work I go!

  • Windows based Hosting 2.0 for Shared Hosting?

    I get a lot of questions about using the Windows based Hosting Solution 2.0 (this is also included in the latest solution, "Hosted Exchange 2003.1"), to enable shared web hosting.  The most common question is, "Can the Windows based Hosting Solution 2.0 do shared web hosting?"  Well, the simple answer is Yes.  But its followed by, "it can do shared web hosting, but it doesn't to it out of the box".  Now the confusing part is the can statement.  This is because the HE 2003.1 solution provides an IIS (6) Provider and SQL Admin Provider that enables the creation of websites on IIS 6 and SQL Databases on SQL 2000. The HE 2003.1 solution does provide the components to allow for shared hosting of web, SQL, and FrontPage via MPS via the providers mentioned above, but there is a lack of namespaces and a web user interface that integrates the entire experience.  (The debate about a web UI is a long running one.  I'll tackle that topic later.)

    Many hosters that have only 5-20 servers in their "data center" do not have a sophisticated User Interface already in production. In order for them to leverage the power of Windows, they need a web based user interface to allow customers to manage and attend to their own services. Currently, there is no web based user interface that uses all, and even extends, the features that ships with Windows based Hosting 2.0 or Hosted Exchange 2003.1. Even if a customer purchases Ensim, they will be using many of the Ensim defined setting for creation of websites and mailboxes and not what was provided with the solution. This may change in the future, but this is the current state as it pertains to MPS and the namespaces.

    Also, the HE 2003.1 solution does not contain a provider for Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) provisioning. Although the solution team did develop a provider for WSS, it has not been released via a solution or outside of a solution (even if they did give it to out, it would need to be supported or release the IP so we could customize by an SI for customers)

    So here is a quick rundown of the issues as to why the current solutions provided by the CS team does not enable a quick to product shared web hosting platform:

  • Service Providers: Public Folders vs. Windows Sharepoint Services (Part 2 - Kind of)

    In a previous blog posting of mine ("Service Providers: Public Folders vs. Windows Sharepoint Services") I described my thought of having Sharepont Services replacing Public Folders.  Well it seems that someone in HP has the same vision.  There is a Microsoft Webcast ("TechNet Webcast: Migrating eRooms, Windows File Services and Exchange Public Folders to SharePoint - Level 300") that discusses this exact topic, but is focused on the Enterprise.

  • Service Providers: Public Folders vs. Windows Sharepoint Services

    During a conversation with Paul Edlund (eQuest), we brought up the topic of the hassles of providing Exchange Public Folders as apart of a Hosted Exchange service offering.  Public Folder provisioning (via WebDAV), quota management (Each folder in a PF gets the same quota size as the parent), and security is such a pain in a hosted environment.  The Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2003 Solution provides a lot of “workarounds“ that makes Hosting Exchange 2003 as a service, including Public Folder, much easier.  But it still doesn't remove the pains found in Exchange (especially public folders) any less annoying.

  • Exchange OWA Admin Tool

    In doing some additional research on Exchange 2003, I ran across this posting on the Exchange Team Blog.  It's the Exchange OWA Admin Tool.  I haven't used it yet, but will be toying with it today.  I'll give my thoughts later.