NSurvey - Pie Charts

NSurvey already provides general charts displaying the results, but it uses a bar chart and I had to output pie charts as well. So, I implemented them as well.

First, I created a new page, called PieChartReport.aspx, which was empty. After this I used the same code as the BarChartReport and filled up a ChartPointCollection, which I then used to create a new PieChart, render it and send it back to the client


ChartEngine engine = new ChartEngine();

ChartCollection charts = new ChartCollection(engine);     


engine.Size = new Size(350, 400);

engine.Charts = charts;

engine.Title = new ChartText();


if (questions.Questions[0].IsParentQuestionIdNull()) {

  engine.Title.Text = Server.HtmlDecode(

          Regex.Replace(questions.Questions[0].QuestionText, "<[^>]*>", " "));

} else {

  String questionText = String.Format("{0} - {1}",



  questionText = questionText.Replace(Environment.NewLine, "");

  questionText = questionText.Replace("\t", "");

  questionText = questionText.Replace("<p>", "");

  questionText = questionText.Replace("</p>", "");

  engine.Title.Text = Server.HtmlDecode(

                                 Regex.Replace(questionText, "<[^>]*>", " "));



PieChart pie = new PieChart(data);


ChartLegend legend = new ChartLegend();

legend.Position = LegendPosition.Bottom;

engine.HasChartLegend = true;

engine.Legend = legend;

engine.GridLines = GridLines.None;



Update: I used the following control by the way (which was already in NSurvey): http://www.carlosag.net/Tools/WebChart/Default.aspx


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