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New features in ASMX v2

There is a bunch of new and very valuable information out there talking about Whidbey - erm, sorry, Visual Studio 2005 - and the related .NET Fx 2.0. Most of the articles and weblog entries cover ASP.NET 2.0. Obviously it is a small revolution (again) in Web development space. Kudos, Scott, Rob and team!

But there is still a small whole on the Whidbey map that nobody yet talked about. Web services in ASP.NET - or as we geeks call it: ASMX. I had an email conversation with Yasser the other and decided to publish facts and samples of all the new features of ASMX v2 here in my weblog. No, it is not a revolution (we have to wait for something different ...) but it has some nice features (or call it enhancements) that we all are very keen on. Promised.

In the meantime, here is non-comnplete list of what is new at least for Beta 1. Expect me to post details and sample code for each of these points over the next few weeks

New Features:

  • WS-I BP Conformance
  • IXmlSerializable
  • Proxy Type Sharing
  • Schema Importer Extensions
  • RAD Async
  • Pre-generation of serialization assemblies
  • SqlTypes
  • Generics
  • Properties instead of fields
  • SOAP 1.2 Support
  • WSDL.exe reloaded
  • ...
Should be fun and making our days a bit easier waiting for V2 ... and leaves a lot of space to make a most wanted tool even better ;-)


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