Christian Weyer: Smells like service spirit

What's first?

About Christian Weyer

Christian Weyer is an expert for Microsoft and Web technologies with focus on .NET. Since the end of 1999 he plays and works with XML, SOAP and related Web Services technologies with having a background of DCOM, CORBA and Java. Being one of the founders of thinktecture he regularly speaks on developer conferences and other events - lately he has been elected as an official speaker for the European INETA speaker's bureau. Christian writes German and English articles about the latest and coolest technologies. For a full list of his activities you might want to visit thinktecture's Web site..
Christian is the author of a
German book about .NET and XML Web Services, published by Addison-Wesley and a book on ADO.NET (published by Markt & Technik, also in German). The translated title would read as ‘XML Web Services applications with Microsoft .NET’ and it was the first German book ever written by a German author on the important topic of building Web Services applications with Microsoft .NET.
Additionally, he
is an MVP for ASP.NET and XML Web Services for being very active and knowledgeable in the .NET and Web Services community. Christian is also a Microsoft Regional Director for Germany.
His hobbyhorse all around .NET and XML Web Services is the site known as '
.NET XML Web Services Repertory'. This place is dedicated to building Web Services on the .NET platform, especially focused on ASP.NET. Here you can find lots of sample code (also available as online demos), a Web Services FAQ, an Essential Tools overview and a growing collection of useful links. Additionally it provides information on interoperability and integration with other SOAP or Web Services platforms - e.g. Systinet WASP, Apache SOAP, Apache Axis or IBM Web Services Toolkit.



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