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More geek-love: MetaBuilders!

Speaking of people who produce neat things and put them on websites, I'd like to point out MetaBuilders.com (to those who haven't seen it before).  Andy Smith runs this thing in his spare time, and it just full of incredibly useful FREE server controls for ASP.NET.  I recommend them all the time, particularly the custom columns Andy has created for the Datagrid (RowSelectorColumn, BoundBooleanColumn, BoundLookupColumn).  Not to mention all the general useful ASP.NET stuff, definitely send Andy some geek-love...
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"Gravy Train"

Wally asks:  "How do I get on this sell Paul gravy train?  ;-)"

Produce something interesting, put it on a website.  Pretty simple, really.

Share the geek-love...

I was asked via IM today:  "how much is Paul Wilson paying u".  (I assume it was in reference to this post)

I just think that Paul writes some great tools, and not enough people know about him (yet), and his site.

Word of the night

Insomniyacking:  Staying up half the night instant messenging people because you can't sleep.


Fun with Porty

Tim Marman writes:  "I was looking at the Tablet PCs today at J&R. I especially liked the Portege 3505 because it has a pretty big keyboard and it's still fairly lightweight.

For those of you who have one (Marcie?), what have your experiences been?"

I love my Portege ("Porty")!  Now about 75% of the time, I just use it as a regular laptop--I was in need of a replacement laptop anyway, but I'm finding "Tablet mode" more and more useful for several different things:

1) Reading blogs while standing in line or on planes.  If I'm just reading, Tablet mode makes life simpler in small places, or when standing.

2) Taking notes in ink!  This has to be the most fun way to take notes in meetings, at conferences, or just for drawing out my own personal plans and ideas.

3) Instant messenging in ink (for those that have MSN 6).  And for those without MSN 6, it will convert my handwriting to text for them.

And I can see a lot of other things useful for ink in the future, so I'm really excited about the possibilities.


Paul Wilson Available

Catching up on my blog reading tonight, and just noticed that Paul Wilson says he'll be coming available for employment.  If anybody's in the Atlanta area, your company should really snap this guy up, he's incredibly talented.  Check out his website, he has some really cool tools there, like a form thingy that lets you have multiple server-side forms on an ASP.NET page, a ViewState parser, a page template generator, and a source code viewer.

Datagrid Girl

DotNet Idol?

Morris Sims says:  "I see that Christina Aguilera is going to be promoting Java-powered mobile phones as part of Sun's initiative to unify their programming technology"

Ooooh, can we get Clay Aiken for DotNet?  Please, Microsoft??

Will speak for food. And thanks Alex & Grand Rapids.

I just wanted to say THANKS! to Alex and the .NET user group in Grand Rapids for letting me come down there on Tuesday night and speak about some advanced Datagrid tips.  I had a really good time and met some very interesting people.  More importantly, they let me take home all the extra cookies, including these really yummy wafer cookies, brought by someone in the group who works where they make the cookies.  Boy were they delicious.

Thanks guys!

Datagrid Girl

Computer Usage vs. "Work"

Scoble writes

"My computer usage isn't all work. I talk with my friends on IM. I watch training videos on it. I play video games on it. I edit my photos and email those around. I weblog. And I do a lot more. So do most of my compadres at Microsoft.

The problem is that the computer not only allows me to do my job, but it also lets me have fun, meet people, share my life with them, and much more. "

Well said, Robert.  I too am "on the computer" for an average of 10-14 hours per day, though I would say I spend less than 8 hours per day "working".

However, even during my "non-working" hours, I spend a good bit of that time reading emails, reading blogs, and IM-chatting with the people on my contact list, 95% of whom are fellow .NET coders and community people.  And as a self-employed consultant, most of my projects come through networking contacts or peers, so even this "chatting" time sometimes adds to my bottom line, not to mention being a whole lot of fun in the process.  So for me at least, the lines between "work" and "not work" are pretty blurry.

Datagrid Girl

Working from home

It looks like some people are having a really intersting discussion about working from home over on the comments to this post.  Go check it out.

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