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.NET Book Club

I ran across The .NET Book Club today, which is apparently run by Jeff Julian.  It turns out that their first book of the month is one I'm currently reading (A First Look at ADO.NET and System.Xml v2.0), so I signed up.  The site only has about one post so far, but I like the idea and am hoping it really takes off.  I wonder what they're reading next month.  Oh, and the site also has preview chapters from new books that are coming out, very cool.



Tired of Friendster and Orkut?  Try Introvertster:

Introvertster is an online community that prevents stupid people and friends from harrassing you online.

Avoid invites to chat, filter out annoying invitations for Meetup, birthday parties, or after-hours get togethers.
Packet flood a friends Internet connection making it impossible for them to send you an instant message.
Help your friends get a clue that you really don't like people or care for idle chit-chat.


"50-book challenge"

I set a personal goal a few years back to read 50 books/year, but 2003 was the first years in a few years that I actually made it.  I'm trying to do at least that many again for 2004, and tonight through Feedster I ran across this LiveJournal community called 50BookChallenge.  I've just signed up for a LiveJournal blog, so let's see if this community can help me stay motivated.  Anybody other avid readers here up for the challenge?  Those folks all seem to be talking about novels, I'd hate to be the only one over there talking about finishing books like ASP.NET Developer Cookbook, so please join me (I do read novels too of course, and lots of business books).  My new LiveJournal id is “marcierobillard”.


Moblogging article on CodeProject

Ben Powell has posted a new article about moblogging to CodeProject.  As far as I know, this is our first moblogging article: Thanks, Ben!


Datagrids, everywhere

Dewayne writes, “Does everyone in the VS.NET world use only DataGrids when they are building forms? If you read MSDN and the vast majority of .NET related websites that is all you would think exists in the world.”

Apparently my plan for world domination is well under way, ehhhxcellent...

--Datagrid Girl

Article submissions

The beauty of CodeProject is that members submit all the articles, meaning that we cover a wide variety of topics and interests, and sometimes, we just get some downright bizarre shi stuff.  Case in point:  Enjoy!


Datagrid Tip of the Day: ASP.NET Datagrids and ViewState

I’ve answered this twice in the last 24 hours, so I figure it’s worthy of a blog post.  If you disable ViewState on a page with an ASP.NET Datagrid, and you want to use events—sorting, editing, or paging—then you need to .DataBind() the grid on every Page_Load.  Take out that if (!IsPostBack) or If Not IsPostBack Then line that you’ve seen in the examples, and normally is appropriate on a page that uses ViewState.  Now what this means is that you end up databinding twice, so make sure to save off your DataSource to a page-level variable so that you don’t retrieve the data twice.

I mention this technique in my MSDN article, Common Datagrid Mistakes.  Maybe one day I’ll do a whole article exclusively on Datagrids and ViewState.

--Datagrid Girl

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Chat application in ASP.NET?

Does anybody know of a good chat application written in ASP.NET?  (Or a tutorial on chat apps geared towards ASP.NET?) K. is asking about one in the CodeProject ASP.NET forum, and I don’t recall seeing any either.  If you know of any, please leave a comment here on the thread itself.  Thanks!


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