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  • DataControls 101 Part 2: Why you should love Datasource controls

    I've been scouring the forums recently trying to find problems people encounter when using the data controls. One thing that I found is mostly asked for but is kind of a hidden art:
    How do I use the GridView/ListView/DetailsView.... without a Datasource control? (and still get all the fancy features offered).

    Now I've always know that you can do this but I decided to explore how much is involved in making this stuff to work. This sample shows a GridView using raw Linq queries in C#. Let’s dive into the code:



  • Data Controls 101

    I’ve worked with a bit at school before I came to Microsoft. Being the “data dev” as you would imagine, I get lots of bugs that have to do with the data (datasource/databound) controls. I also scan the internal and external forums and try to help customers find solutions to their problems. This blog post is the first of a series on common scenarios using data controls, that I call Data Controls 101.

  • First Post

    Hey everyone, my name is David Fowler and I'm new to the ASP.NET team. I've been an intern here in Redmond for the last 2 summers and I’m glad to be back as a FTE (Full Time Employee in microspeak). My responsibilities include all things data related to ASP.NET. This includes things like the Datasource and Databound controls as well as Dynamic Data. I look forward to posting some interesting stuff in the near future!