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Dynamic LINQ Part 2 (Evolution)

A while ago, Scott Gu blogged about a Dynamic LINQ library that was part of the C# samples in VS2008. This library let developers put together late bound LINQ queries using a special syntax. This really comes in handy when you want to build a LINQ query...
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Dynamic LINQ (A little more dynamic)

It seems I’ve become (in) famous in the last two days. With all the buzz around Microsoft.Data, I figure I’d post on something else that is somewhat related. There were a bunch of comments on my previous posts that said we should do something to this...
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In 3.5 SP1 we added new properties to GridView and DetailsView which allows the page developer to change the way AutoGenerateColumns creates its columns. This feature is well know in Dynamic Data , but it is not tied to this technology. Dynamic Data takes...

Dynamic Sorting with Linq

When trying to implement a Business Logic Layer (i will refer to this as BLL ) with linq one thing that is an annoyance is sorting. Lets say you had a BLL that was being used by ObjectDataSource and had a select method that does sorting and paging, then...
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DataControls 101 Part 2: Why you should love Datasource controls

I've been scouring the forums recently trying to find problems people encounter when using the data controls. One thing that I found is mostly asked for but is kind of a hidden art: How do I use the GridView/ListView/DetailsView.... without a Datasource...
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