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At least they gave me the Service Packs...

And I though I would be the guy that got stuck with WinME...

Which OS are You?
Which OS are You?

See what you started Sam? [Thanks for the link]

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Daily Routine...

I noticed that Scott Hanselman has a neat VBScript that adds "View With Notepad" to any items context menu.

"Sigh...and all these years, I've been typing "WindowKey-R-n-o-t-e-p-a-d-Enter" then alt-tabbing, starting a drag then alt-tabbing and dropping onto Notepad all in ~650 milliseconds, and I thought nothing could be faster...;)" [Scott Hanselman's Weblog]

ScottW, Alex Lowe, and Steve Smith (on angryCoder) all comment on ASPToday's subscription policy.  Should a poor college student get a subscription?  I wonder if they offer academic pricing... 

DrBob has some early screenshots of Sidewinder, Borland's upcoming C# IDE.  Looks interesting, but I like VS.NET myself.

Alex also posted a list of some free .NET tools from Chris Sells that I must have missed.  If only I had known about RegexDesigner.NET last night...

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Starting out...

Well just to get started, I will do the traditional "Hi, my name is..."

I'm Dan Bright.  Im a (soon-to-be) 23 year old (Feb 12th) college student that is trying to figure out this .NET stuff.  I have been an ASP.old coder for approx. 2 years, and as I have begun to migrate to .NET I am playing with WinForms & such also.

I work & attend classes at CPCC (http://www.cpcc.edu) in Charlotte NC.  My current project is putting every class/certificate/degree/diploma that the IT Division offers into a SQL Server db & dynamicly generating syllabi from it.  I am also taking ASP.NET, C# (WinForm), and Java classes this semester.

As I work in these classes I will be posting what I learn, along with my impressions of .NET (or just about anythign else I guess...).

It seems that the website is down at work.  You always know thats a sure sign of a bad weekend waiting to happen...

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