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My Second Article

I just wanted to drop a blog about my new article on CodeProject about Creating a valid RSS 2.0 document using XmlTextWriter.  If anyone has time please stop by and tell me what you think.  It's only my second article, so be gentle.

Also, I have to mention that I'm posting this blog from the web interface.  I hadn't used it in it's new form yet, and it is NICE.  Good job Scott.

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FeedDemon BETA 3a Released
I must have missed this, but on the 4th of August FeedDemon BETA 3a was released. Check out the changes:


  • Posting support through integration with w.bloggar. If w.bloggar is installed, just right click on a news item and select "Blog this with w.bloggar." Note: If you're using Windows XP and w.bloggar is already running, it may continue to display the previous post even after FeedDemon passes it a new one. The author of w.bloggar is aware of this problem, and should have a fix shortly (any build later than v3.02 Build 158 will contain the fix).
  • Shift+Ctrl+Tab shortcut for previous browser tab
  • Pressing Enter when a news item is selected navigates to that news item's link
  • Clicking a link to an OPML file in the preview now displays the "New Listing" dialog
  • Stop button added to browser toolbar
  • Added "Restore default listings" button to the General page in Options
  • "Find channels online" added to File menu, which takes you to a page on the FeedDemon site which explains how to find new channels. Note that the actual page is still under construction.
  • Added "Remove channel" to context menu on "Manage Listings"
  • Added "Options" menu
  • Added "Keyboard Shortcuts" under new Options menu
  • Added support for basic authentication of RSS feeds
  • Added support for GZIP compression


  • The keyboard shortcuts for "next news item" and "next unread news item" have changed to Space and Ctrl+Space
  • Keyboard navigation of news items now wraps to the next channel. For example, using Space to move to the next news item moves to the first news item in the next channel when the last news item in the active channel is reached. Likewise, using Ctrl+Space to view the next unread news item navigates to the next unread news item in the next channel.
  • The "mark news item as read" time may now be set to zero seconds to enable marking a news item as read as soon as it's selected
  • New Office 2003 toolbar style
  • Splitters next to channel list and preview now include arrows which enable collapsing
  • Channel tooltip now includes last HTTP status if it denotes a failure (404, etc.)
  • When attempting to add a channel that already exists in another listing, you are now informed of the name of the other listing


  • Beta 3a corrects a bug in FeedDemon's GZIP code
  • Auto-purge when maximum # of news items reached removes newer items instead of older ones (sorry, folks - that was a bad one!)
  • ISO-8859-2 and EUC-JP feeds not displayed properly
  • Excessive virtual memory consumption when updating a very large listing
  • HTTP redirects fail when redirect uses relative rather than absolute URL
  • Sporadic "Access error 216" when exiting
  • "Auto-purge" on channel properties doesn't allow more than three characters
  • Splitter not available when switching from maximized browser to browser on the bottom
  • When main window is resized, preview may obscure news items
  • Info balloon fails to appear when FeedDemon is minimized
  • Info balloon shows incorrect counts of new items
  • Info balloon displays incorrectly on some multi-monitor systems
  • NewsIsFree feeds don't update correctly
  • Giving an exported OPML or RSS file a name with ".com" in it fails to add the default file extension
  • Audio from Flash continues to play even after closing the browser tab containing the Flash
  • Access violation when closing browser tab containing an ActiveX control (PDF, etc.)
  • Carriage returns in titles display as garbage character (or box)
  • "Manage Listings" fails to copy channels which have never been downloaded
  • Incorrect parsing of non-GMT <pubDate>
  • Enter key doesn't work inside preview
  • Sporadic "EExternalException" when updating listing on multi-processor system

Known Issues

  • There is currently no help available for FeedDemon
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