VSTS Install: Is it me or the flu medicine?

Ok, so I've been home today sick with the flu and I figured I would see if I could make any headway toward getting VSTS working.  I started this saga last weekend when I installed the application tier and data tiers successfully (or so I thought).  That night I attempted to connect to the TFS from my client and received a cryptic error about the elead web service.  I decided to punt and go to bed (it was 1 a.m.)

So, after quite a bit of work today here's where I'm at.  I'm fairly certain the app tier and data tier are now installed correctly.  I've dug through the logs and nothing is throwing an error.  That said, here's my problem from the client.

When I attempt to create a new Team Project I get the following error when I finish the wizard:

"Project creation failed with error: "No user identity info returned from GSS"". 

Now I assume the problem is that the user I'm logged in as on the client machine (mydomain\tfssetup) is not configured as a TFS user.  But when I try to add a user via the Permissions dialog the Add button is always disabled.  Now I'm stuck...

Anyone out there know what this error means (or better yet how to fix it)?



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