Microsoft MVPs revolt (over VB vs. VB.Net)

Seriously? I mean really?

I don't even know what to say... look.... VB paid my bills for a long time, but it is time to let it go.  Come on little buddy, you can do it, upgrade that app to .Net.... Its not that scary...


  • Hahahahahaha. Oh yes... this is classic stuff. This deserves a blog post from me. But for now, let's have fun with this:

    "But those product managers aren't the poor bastards faced with rewriting millions of lines of source code to reinvent crucial applications, nor do the Microsofties have to swallow hard while they lose dependable business logic refined over decades."

    VB1 came out in 1991, one decade prior to VB.NET, so "decades" is an exaggeration. And besides, if VB was really that kick-ass, why do they need a new version at all?

    Good times.

  • They need a new version of VB because COM sucks. That is why they created VB.Net.


  • Smart Ass...Little Buddy

  • i dont even know what to say now. but is microsoft going to drop support for vb6

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