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  • re: Is Internet Explorer Dead?

    Ron Green (SlightlyBent) asks this question on his blog, and Robert Scoble is going to try to get an official answer from Microsoft.  But I’m going to go out on a limb here and tell you what I think.  Basically, it’s as dead as COM is.  Now I know that the answer may seem pretty cut and dry, but it really isn’t.  You really have to go back to Don Box’s December 2000 House of COM MSDN article to get an answer to the question, “Is COM dead?”  The last paragraph sums it up:

  • To Log or Not to Log... That is the question...

    Ok, sorry for the extremely poor Shakespearian reference, but its late and I've drank one to many this evening =).  Anyway, as I'm flipping through my code, adding logging information via Log4Net, I wonder: Am I getting carried away?  I guess I'm really looking for advice from people out there with experience writing logging code; just how much logging code is enough.

  • Log4Net

    Currently in the middle of adding lots of logging code to my project via Log4Net.  I've got to say: I'm very impressed.  Yet another great open source project from the .NET community!

  • Test post from News Gator

    Ok, if this works I'm sold on news gator.  I usually have a problem with paying for software when there are open source efforts available that do the same thing, but NewsGator rocks!

  • Added a link to my Blog Roll

    You can find my blog roll here. It's just a list of links to all the blogs I'm currently subscribed to (although each and every one of them is an excelled read).

  • OPML to Blog Roll XSLT Transformation

    I got frustrated trying to keep up with my blog roll, so I decided to write a chunk of xslt to create one on the fly.  This no-frills code snippet will generate a HTML fragment in the following format:

  • OPML to Blog Roll XSLT Transformation

    I got frustrated trying to keep up with my blog roll, so I decided to write a chunk of xslt to create one on the fly.  This no-frills code snippet will generate a HTML fragment in the following format:

  • The Blog Roll is Back

    Below is a listing of blogs in read everyday.  This blog roll was auto-generated using my opml2blogroll.xsl transformation.  You can find it in the code snippets section.

  • The CodeDOM rocks!

    I've been doing a lot of work lately with the CodeDOM namespace, and I've got to applaude Microsoft for this one. If you need to generate langugage agnostic code, this is most definatly the way to do it.

  • The BlogRoll is gone...

    The BlogRoll has been put out to pasture. It was severely out of date, and if I were to actually list every blog I read in a linked fashion on the right-hand column, you would have to scroll 50 miles down...

  • SharpReader

    Luke's new release of my favorite rss aggregator (sorry Mark =) makes me wonder; does anyone out there use the web browser to read blogs anymore? I used to, but several months ago, I realized that it was futile to attempt keeping up with the 50+ blogs using a web browser (espically when one of them is Scoble's =). For me, the primary reason to use an aggregator is that it keeps track of read/unread/updated items. When you read as many blogs as I do, it is impossible to remember if you've read a post, and there is just no way to do that with a web browser.

  • Is it pronounced nant or n-ant?

    This is kinda funny. When I talk to different people about using NAnt, I hear it pronounced two different ways. So which one is it? How do you pronounce it... I have to admit, I say nant, all one word. Given that both the N and the A are capitalized, I may be wrong, but I'd like to get some input from the community...

  • (Error 0x80090022) tattoos, I'm buying

    (Error 0x80090022) For customized troubleshooting information for this connection, click Help. Thanks. That was really helpful. I was just reflecting on how much better my life would be if I could just have my own 0x80090022 to care for. As a user, don't you just gnash your teeth with this kind of stuff? As engineers we've got to realize that no normal user, upon seeing HRESULTs in error messages, ever whacks their forehead and says: "Oh! Right! The old (Error 0x80090022) silent context acquisition gag. Of course. I remember that one."

  • Thanks ScottW

    I want to take a second out to thank ScottW for providing our blog space. I did this early on when I started blogging here, but I think it needs to be said again. I know as a developer we get a lot of satisfaction in knowing that tools/apps we build are useful for our customers/consumers, but taking on an undertaking as large as dotnetweblogs has to be a labor of love. I'm sure its a lot of work to keeping it running AND working on the new features we never let up in requesting.

  • w.blogger test post

    Sweet, I like this. I think using a tool like this will prompt me to blog a little more. While I love being a part of the dotnetweblogs community, I was't too keen on the web based interface. Rock on...

    And look, no more manually typing the currently playing track!

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