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September 2003 - Posts

It takes 14 hours to compile Longhorn

Scoble says:

I was snooping around the secret Longhorn sites on campus and learned that compiling Longhorn takes 14 hours. They start at 5 p.m. and it's ready at 7 a.m.

Man, I would love to understand exactly how that build process works.  From start to finish.  Facinating!  I would like to understand MS's source code management (main trunk, and branches), how the pieces fit together, how the build works, what the build environment looks like, etc.

For me, working at MS would be like nirvana.

Disclaimer: In case anyone from work is reading... I love my job here also  ;-)

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Microsoft Product Roadmap

The guys over at SynEcology have a roadmap of MS releases.  This has got the be the most comprehensive listing of codenames/projected release dates I've seen in one place.

For anyone who is a nut about upcoming MS schwag (or who wants to act like they're on the inside by knowing every possible codename) should check this out.

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Scoble says:

That said, I bet that Microsoft has the largest selection of internal webloggers (k-loggers as John likes to call them) of any company over 10,000 as well. Got an examples of companies that large who have more than 100 webloggers or kloggers? I sure would like to know about them.

Well Robert, over here at Turner (BTW, don't know if I've ever said it publicly but I work for Turner Broadcasting), we have 3 bloggers... Thats it... 3.  Heck, I can't even get most of the developers I work with to read blogs, much less publish content (the other bloggers are Brenton and Mark)

I'm not sure why this is.  I've been getting a lot of flack lately because I've been promoting weblogs every chance I get.  I don't know... To each his own, but if you ask me, blogging keeps me current.  Heck, outside of MSDN and Safari, I rarely go to any “technical” sites anymore.  I get all the info I need from my blog roll.

Wish I could convience others of that!

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The PDC Bloggers website is live!

I see the PDC bloggers site is up and running... I just registered... Man, the PDC is getting close; I'm counting the days!


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