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Regarding the Visual Studio 2005 Slip (and the infoworld article)

Be on the lookout for some news today.  It ain't going to be good my friend...  :S

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Airport Outlet Etiquette

Ok, so here’s the deal.  When you are hanging out at an airport waiting for your plane to depart please don’t sit in a seat next to a power outlet if you’re not going to use it!  This drives me freaking nuts.  I got out to the airport pretty early today.  My flight didn’t leave until 4:30 (supposedly) and I was standing at the gate at 3:00.  Once I saw the flight was delayed about 45 minutes I decided to get a bit of work done.  One problem… There were no free seats next to the power outlets in Atlanta Airport.  This drives me nuts.  There should be an abundance of power outlets in the airport.  Everything is rechargeable now, so come on guys.   Anyway, I had to search around for an available outlet.  I finally found one outside the women’s restroom.  Not a bad place to sit b/c there was a lot of traffic ;), but kind of uncomfortable after about 30 minutes…


Anyway, the moral of this story is…  If you don’t need a power outlet, don’t sit in a seat that is within 20 feet of one.  I’ll guarantee you there is a person with a laptop sitting next to the bathroom somewhere who would like to have your seat.

It Looks Like the InfoWorld Article is Wrong
I've got word (from a very reliable source) that the InfoWorld article (see my post here) is incorrect and Beta 2 is still on target for the first quarter. As for the long-term date, that one looks solid as well... Shew...

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VS 2005 Beta 2 Slips into April
You can read all about it at InfoWorld. This is a serious bummer. We are currently in planning on projects that are using VS 2005 and VSTS, and this delay didn't fit into our schedules. :S

I can only hope these slips will stop the closer we get to September... (MS still swears they will ship in September)

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More on the VB6 insanity...
Geoff Appleby does an excellent job summarizing my thoughts on this whole VB6 debacle. I was to busy being a smart ass about it to write a well thought out post... (mostly because I really can't believe these guys are serious)

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Quote of the Century
A quote from Chris Maden via Tim Ewald, via Chis....

"XML is like violence: if it doesn't solve your problem, you aren't using enough of it"

Microsoft MVPs revolt (over VB vs. VB.Net)
Seriously? I mean really?

I don't even know what to say... look.... VB paid my bills for a long time, but it is time to let it go.  Come on little buddy, you can do it, upgrade that app to .Net.... Its not that scary...

New Release of the DSL Tools for VS 2005 Beta 1

Gareth announced today that there's a new release of the DSL Tools for Visual Studio 2005 (BTW, anyone else noticed that the .NET moniker is gone from almost everything [MD pointed this out today...  I'd link him, but he just consumes rss, not publishes...  ;)]).

Go here to pick up the latest release.  The big improvement is  validations for the DD model.  This was a major hassle with the Dec CTP, so hopefully this will make using DSL easier...


Heading to Redmond next week
I'll be out in Redmond on Thursday (the 17th) of next week (actually I get in Wednesday and leave Friday at noon).  If anyone else will be out there at that time drop me a line...
Steve Took the Red Pill
Looks like Steve is on his way over to the Indigo team... Congratulations man... Looks like I know one more person on that team now... That's never a bad thing... ;)

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