Stealing Donuts...from a developer's perspective

I'm a developer.  I love donuts.  Don't bring bagels to my party.  I eat donuts.

I use self-checkout at my grocery store.  I scan the barcode and put the thing in a bag.  I come to my precious, my half-dozen donuts in the dozen-size container to keep donut interaction and bruising at a minimum. 

No bar code for donuts.  I look through the handy flip-list and find “Donuts and Fritters -- 634“ which I enter, expecting to then be prompted with “How many donuts or fritters?“ to which I would respond by pressing “6“ on the screen number pad.

But there was no prompt.  The Machine defaulted to “1“ and charged me 50-cents for a half-dozen donuts and didn't sqawk when I put the box in the plastic bag on the weight-sensing carousel.

So I thought, do I track down an associate, go through the cancellation sequence and re-enter, or, do I, as an Information Professional and Systems Architect, make the store pay for subjecting me to an inferior system?  Its not my job to tell the grocery store about bugs in their system after all. 

Wait.  I'm getting it.  OH MY GOD!

The guys who designed the system were...developers.  Developers love donuts.  Developers go to the grocery store to buy donuts AND THEY PROGRAMMED A BACK DOOR INTO THE SYSTEM!    

May God forgive me for revealing this Da Nerd Code of back door developer donut access. 



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