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  • Insertion of a page break in a repeater

    I was in a situation where I need to break up the data into a separate page after a certain amount of records (in my case 3). I chose to use repeater as I have a full control of the HTML layout and how I want my form to appear in a print format. I posted my question in ASP.NET forums and to my delight received a working code after a full day of torture and doing search in Google. I thought I would share here the snippet that can be useful when a specific scenario arise. It is not a lot of code but it saved me another day of frustration. Now it's time to put it on the side and move on with new projects.

  • First post objective

    I'm glad to be part of this great community and have the opportunity to blog with the best in the business. Since .NET has been introducing a lot of new features, it can be cumbersome to keep up with the latest changes. My goal herein my posts is about learning ASP.NET (cause I don't sincerely know it all) which includes topics relevant to problem solving, implementing features and/or give opinions about issues within the technology. I'll post as much as I can, and I hope to be an active participant in this community for years to come.