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  • Using jQuery to select/deselect Gridview checkboxes

    I’ve been using jQuery more and more lately. I’ve been studying it closely now specially how to work with its API and has been well surprised at the cool things that it can do. After several hours (more like days and days) of examining its capabilities, I was able to put together a project with several pages of demos that highlights some of its functions, events, DOM manipulation, etc. Learning how cool it can accomplish things, I’d though of what practical applications can I use it for in the real world. None of this will matter if I can’t apply it anywhere else besides building fancy highlighting of text, etc.

  • Using jQuery in VS 2008

    I’ve been reading a lot about jQuery lately (actually since last month) but more so lately because I’d like to know what the buzz is all about. When I first heard about it last year, I simply just ignored it because I know that jQuery is only one of many UI libraries out there. When Microsoft announced that Visual Studio 2008 officially supported the framework via its intellisense, I started paying attention. Now jQuery is becoming more and more popular these days and I’ve noticed that a lot of web sites tends to learn more towards web 2.0 interface now. The UI side of things has finally come back and emerge back in the scene in terms of web development.