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  • Let's just say VB7 and be done with .NET :)

    With every passing day I get more and more exasperated having to type Visual Basic .NET or VB.NET.  Maybe I should just use VB7 for the current language that vbc.exe v7 supports.  For Whidbey it's VB8.  I still have to refer to VB6 more than I like to, so just typing VB is unfortunately not an option.

  • MSDE Rel A = 42MB, SP3a = 69MB!

    Wow, I guess I was not paying attention when these came out...  MSDE Release A is a 42MB download.  It contains all the fixes up to and including SP3a.  Service pack 3a for MSDE is a 69MB download.  How strange.  I suppose the difference is because Release A does not include merge modules.

  • ASP.NET 2.0: asp:substitution (post-cache substitution)

    The new <asp:substitution> control gives you a placeholder into which you can write dynamic content when using output caching.  That is GREAT stuff!  It always bothered me when I could not use output caching because of something simple like a personalized logout link (e.g., You are logged in as derekhatchard, click here to logoff).  It's reasonable to expect that the throughput gain will be less than “pure” output caching, but every bit helps.

  • What does every VB.NET developer need to know?

    Some recent conversations have got me thinking about what the most important things are for every professional VB.NET developer to know.  I'm not thinking about things like “every developer should know HTML.”  I'm thinking more about what .NET Framework and Visual Basic .NET features that every developer should know.  For example, I would suggest that every VB.NET programmer should know how to use the StringBuilder class.

  • 10% Off VSLive! Toronto

    You can save10% on VSLive! / Mobile DevCon in Toronto (May 4-7, 2004) if you use priority code 'DEREK' when registering.

  • Using HTTP Module to Manage Dynamic Content Based on URL

    Congratulations to Dan LeClair on being named January Winner #1 for the MSDN Canada “Between the Lines” writing contest.  His article is on using an HttpModule to parse prettified URLs with embedded data and then using RewritePath to pass control to another page with the data embedded in the querystring.