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  • User Access Protection (UAP) in Windows Vista

    One of the features I am most excited about in Windows Vista is User Access Protection (UAP). Enabling UAP tells Windows to run your session in a least privilege mode, even though you have full admin rights. To do something restricted you have to run the app in "elevated" mode (right-click, Run Elevated). Windows requires you to enter your password in order to authorize elevation. Presumably this feature is to help reduce the spread of viruses and worms by preventing them from silently doing things when a user is logged on with full rights. This is FANTASTIC! Finally there is something that will force ISVs to get their acts together and start coding with least-privilege in mind.

  • Job Posting: Senior ASP.NET Developer/Architect

    Ardent Development is seeking a senior level .NET developer/architect with a focus in ASP.NET and Web technologies to work in Moncton, New Brunswick. You must provide evidence of at least one nontrivial ASP.NET Web application in production. A minimum of 18 months experience with .NET and 5 years experience in Web development is required.

  • Tom Bihn "Brain Cell" or "Monolith"???

    I'm off to PDC in September and will be hauling my 12 inch tablet PC around at the conference.  I used to tote my notebook around in a shoulder bag.  In the past year or so I switched to a Roots backpack that is extremely practical and a bit more interesting than your typical Targus bag.  It's nice but designed for a 15" notebook plus lots of other junk so it is pretty empty with just my tablet, power adapter, and Logitech V500 cordless travel mouse (highly recommended).  I would like to have something a little less bulky for the PDC.  A notebook sleeve with an optional shoulder strap would be perfect because I could stick it in a backpack or messenger bag for flights and just use the sleeve other times.  I have been researching the Tom Bihn Brain Cell and Monolith sleeves/cases.  The Brain Cell seems like the better choice since it has an exterior pocket to hold my power adapter (it's tiny).  But the Brain Cell closes at the top with a pretty heavy duty Velcro-like fastener (Aplix).  I've read that it is quite loud to open, which I'm thinking would be awkward if I wanted to pull out my tablet to take notes during a conference session.  The Monolith has a zipper instead of Aplix but it has no exterior pocket for a power adapter.  Even though my Centrino powered tablet has exceptional battery life, I'd rather have my power brick on hand if needed.  What I really want is a Brain Cell with a zipper instead of Aplix.  I think I will call Tom Bihn to see if such a thing exists.

  • Font size in pixels: a terrible Web design sin

    OK, confession time.  I have worked on Web apps that used CSS files that have font size defined in pixels.  Most often this has not been my choice but something that came from a graphic designer.  It drives me nuts when a graphic design is so rigid that it cannot support relative font sizes.  In fact, it offends me as a user when I cannot adjust the text so I can read it comfortably.  Such a design is, in fact, a bad design even if it is beautiful.

  • Aero Glass with ATI Radeon 9800 Pro

    I am running Windows Vista on a P4 3.0 GHz (hyperthreading enabled) with 2GB RAM and an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro video card (AGP, 128MB RAM if I recall correctly). I had some strange video problems initially - lots of wonkiness like strange on-screen artifacts, locking, and spontaneous rebooting. After some trial and error with drivers, etc. I noticed that the cooling fan on my video card was not plugged in!!! Gasp... Since this is a work computer, I don't really tax my video card [an employee told me I didn't deserve to have that card in my machine :) ]. It would seem that the 3D effects and such in Vista (Glass / Desktop Windows Manager) were the first things to really put my card through its paces and cause it to overheat. Or at least that's my theory. And now I'm worried that I may have damaged the card. Oh well...

  • Installing Macromedia Flash Player for IE7 on Windows Vista

    I had some trouble installing Macromedia Flash Player on Windows Vista because I have UAP turned on. I did not receive a Windows Security box ("This action requires administrative rights") so the install would simply fail. So instead I downloaded the Flash Player standalone installer for Internet Explorer via a Macromedia knowledgebase technote. Once downloaded, I right-clicked on the installer and chose Run Elevated. Worked like a charm.

  • Running Windows Vista on my desktop

    I have bravely been running Windows Vista on my desktop since last week. Fun stuff. I had some trouble initially but things are mostly good now. I will try to post as much as I can about problems I have encountered.