How long since my last blog !! I was very busy writing design documents for the new project i'm working now for PAG, but in the mean while:
  • Lagash have moved, now i have a new desk at our new office, very comfortable, and pleasant... it's only a block away from my house !!!!... I'm not applying for the not a legend award :)
  • I have get my VISA to visit USA so i'll be there at the PDC and try to know a lot of people i have only know by mail or iM
  • I was preparing some conferences to talk at universities around here, i have one on Wedneday about Windows NT Architecture for the operating systems courses.
  • Coding and learning a lot on the Whidbey Alpha, i love generics and every new feature in C#. There's a lot of new stuff to learn on the next major release.
  • Writing a document for the Spanish MSDN (the document was written by Pablo Cibraro here at Lagash) i just place some corrections on the style and added some explanations. The document is about ServiceConfig class in Fx 1.1. it will be published in short.
As you can see i was very busy, and blogging have a lower priority in my scheduler.
I have not posted anything about movies so here's my first recomendation:
Julio Medem is a spanish joung director his movies are very personal only watching 1 minute you can recognize his unique style and the way he develops the story. He have shoot 5 long movies: Vacas (Cows), La Ardilla roja (The Red Squirrel), Tierra (Earth), Los Amantes del Círculo Polar( The Lovers of the Arctic Circle), Lucía y el sexo (Sex and Lucia). The best one is "Los Amantes del Círculo Polar" is a very strange story about two boys growing since childhood. The second best is La Ardilla roja . Anyway you can see any of his movies and you will experience his unique style.

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