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  • Rock, Paper, Scissors, Flash, Sparkle: Rumors of Flash killer to ship with Longhorn/Avalon

    According to this article at Microsoft is working on a tool set that will allow developers to build Flash-like applications built on top of the Avalon subsystem.

    Code-named "Sparkle," the tools under development would be integrated with Microsoft's .NET  runtime environment. That would ultimately mean developers could have Flash- and Director-like animation and graphics tools ready-built for them soon after Longhorn hits the marketplace.

    One source familiar with the project, who saw examples of the "Sparkle" toolset integrated with Microsoft's C#, said early prototypes have given rise to talk of its potential as a "Flashkiller" or even a "Director-killer," referring to Macromedia's popular Flash animation software and Director tool, which is best known for building small animations for CDs.

  • Google search box does calculations

    This is just too cool. Just type an expression in the Google search box and see what happens. Here are just a few examples of expressions that it can handle: