Comment Or Post A Response On Your Own Weblog?

There's always a dilemma about whether you should add a comment on someone's site or write your own blog entry. I guess pingback and trackback try to work towards solving some of these issues [apologies for not being sophisticated enough to be using either of them ;o)]. I know some people publish RSS feeds for their comments too. [Adrian Bateman (VisionTech) ]

I personally, have been making less comments and now relying a little more on the PingBacks and TrackBacks. I guess I would reserve the comments for items I do not wish to have in my blog or for people out there with out a blog (who are you people anyway). [ScottW's ASP.NET Weblog]

+1. I use comments when it's not something I feel I need to voice an opinion about on my own weblog.

The Pingback and Trackback specifications totally took weblogging to the next level. They connect weblogs in an automated way making it easier to share our thoughts and ideas. Bravo to both specifications and I look forward to seeing more support for them in future weblogging software implementations.

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