.NET Blogging Tool Saga Cont'd

.NET Blogging Tool Saga Cont'd

What I want is dynamic page generation, so if I change something in one of my headers, etc., I don't need to re-generate and re-publish every single page on my site.  Since the FTP upload of Radio is a little flaky for me, this is a killer.  To add to that, Radio actually re-publishes every page in your site when you add a new article on a new day, so it can re-generate the calendar on each page.  Adds to my FTP problem. [Greg Reinacker's Weblog]

I'll echo your experiences with the FTP support in Radio. The FTP support in CityDesk is much better, but of course is still a manual system. Like you, I'd prefer something that leveraged that ASP.net runtime so that publishing is a simpler and more foolproof. I'm just about convinced that the right way to do it is to have whatever tool you're using generate XML files that get shoved up to the server, and then use ASP.net to walk through them as necessary. [The .NET Guy]

Well, that sort of defeats the whole idea behind content generation and publishing, doesn't it? The whole power of Radio is that it's "desktop publishing". Your server doesn't need to be anything except a dumb HTTP server that supports the GET protocol basically. The idea is that, like in a database, writes occur a lot less than reads. So yeah, all the content is regenerated on a publish, but is static for the N reads that follow it on the web site.

So what could a more dynamic alternative be? Run some kind of application (ASP.NET based obviously) on the webserver which reads from a database which you update from your desktop via SOAP calls. Then, content could be cached by the built-in caching framework, but you'd need a custom expiration scheme. Also it would all be cached in memory which is hardly as scalable as caching it to disk. So you would probably want a custom architecture, done with HttpModules most likely, that detects whether or not the requested URL's content has been built since the last save and if not, build it on demand and save for future requests.

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