Visual XSLT Comments

Visual XSLT Comments

Visual XSLT TryOut. I've been hearing about ActiveState's Visual XSLT tool quite a bit, and I was quite intrigued by it, but never found the time to give it a through test. This weekend finally the opportunity presented itself, so I downloaded the trial version and gave it a go.


Although I did run into a few gotchas, I did get a feel for the power of the tool (it even works with includes and all). Most definitely, this is a tool I'd love to have on my arsenal, so I guess it's savings time so that I can afford it in a few months... not very soon, though :( [Commonality]

I agree. I tried it out back when it was originally released and was quite impressed with it's capabilities as well. I wasn't doing all that much work with XSLT at the time, so I didn't really have the need to buy it. However, we're migrating our systems over to .NET and XSLT should play a bigger role. If so, I'll definitely recommend purchasing a copy for my company.

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