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Indigo: Building Services (Part 1) - The Fundamentals
I've started blogging this session over here.
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Day 3

Well, it got off to a bumpy start as the bus from my hotel to the conference hall was off schedule. So a few of us there got to the Eric Rudder Keynote a little late. The keynote was all about the new features in Whidbey, so I really didn't miss anything since I've been on the testing program and have had the chance to play with it for some time now.

Today my schedule is all about Indigo. I can't wait to see what Don and his team have come up with. It is the future of web services on the .NET platform and is probably the number one reason I came to this PDC other than the “cool factor” of Longhorn.

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Advances in GDI? Doubt It.

This question is for the guys there at the PDC.

I would like to know if something has changed with GDI+ maybe GDI 2 ?


You mean besides Avalon? I haven't heard about any advances in the GDI APIs. Everything is moving towards Avalon and vector graphics. It was explicitly pointed out that there are two graphics stacks in Longhorn. GDI for legacy apps and Avalon for Longhorn+ apps. As I understand it, so far, is the support for GDI is now essentially a thunking layer to Avalon. Legacy windows apps seem to run just fine (they showed Visicalc), but they look like complete strangers in the rich Avalon world.
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End of Day 2

One word sums up the PDC experience so far: “Wow”. Considering the fact that this is really only Day 2 (technically Day 1 if you don't count the pre-con), it's just gonna get more amazing from here on in.

I don't think I suffered too much from information overload since everything I attended today was pretty high level stuff, with the exception of some of the Avalon code demos. I also kinda knew about the basics of the technologies coming in Longhorn, but seeing them all actually work and, more importantly, work together, was the really cool part.

The Avalon stuff really amazes me. They've done an amazing job, although some of the implementation details that I noticed still have me scratching my head wondering “why did they do it that way?” or “why don't they take advantage of such and such a standard there?”. However I guess I'll have to play around with the bits (which, incidentally, I'm installing right now) and get a firmer grasp on it before I start to critique.

Today's Indigo session was really just an intro as to the “Whys” of Indigo, rather than the “Hows”. Tomorrow I expect Don to get us all knee deep in some seriously cool code demos. Indigo is where I will be spending most of my time over the next few years, so I hope it's as good as it looks so far. I have faith in Don and his team though, they really seem to have a firm grasp on what needs to happen in service oriented systems.

I believe I also have my only WinFS session tomorrow. I'm actually looking forward to it more than I originally was now that I've seen some of what can be done with it in this morning's keynote demos.

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The Webloggers' BoF

So I'm sitting here at The Webloggers' BoF. The room is overflowing with passion about which XML formats should be used (XMLRPC or Atom?), which Web Services APIs should be used (metaBlogger or Echo?) and what kinds of advances need to happen in clients/aggregators to make the data more useable for the average end user (how to avoid information overload).

Check out how full this room is. After a full day of .NET conference sessions, these people are dedicated enough to be here discussing these topics. Great stuff.

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Indigo: Services and the Future of Distributed Applications
I've started coverage of the first Indigo session of the PDC. Don, as usual, is performing an amazing show. Stay tuned to the article for constant updates.
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My Laptop

I've been receiving several compliments and inquiries about my laptop. So I figured I'd blog about it real quick. It's a Toshiba P25-S607. It's a gigantic 17” behemoth with 16x9 aspect ratio screen. I believe the S609 model has taken its place now with a 3Ghz chip (vs 2.8Ghz in this guy). I recommend it highly. I've only ever bought Toshiba laptops and I've never had any issues with them.

Don's starting the Indigo talk, I'll put up my notes soon, but already my battery is at 40%. :(

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Avalon: Building Applications With Controls And Dialogs

A work in progress so far, but you can check it out here.

I gotta say that if you're doing DHTML, CSS and/or SVG work today, you're off to a good start in terms of concepts as far as Avalon goes. You really just need to learn the new syntax. ;)

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Avalon: Introducing the Next Generation of Windows Presentation Services
You can find my full coverage of the first general Avalon session here. I'm getting ready to head into a more specific one now. Learning to better manage my power to make the battery last longer in the sessions. Charging up now for next one. Network has been spotty today. It's not that you can't connect to the wireless network, it's that it just doesn't give you an address. :(
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The Keynote

Well, the keynote has begun. You can find my coverage here (not much yet, since it's mostly business). Here's a couple pics too:

Update 10:24AM (PT):
Just letting everyone know that updates have been spotty because the wireless has been spotty in the conf. hall. I just updated with tons of information, check it out.

Update 12:05PM (PT):
The keynote has ended. I've made my final update to the notes and will be adding some pics and maybe video shortly.

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