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New Blog Now Online

Ok, it's been awesome here at weblogs.asp.net and I just want to thank Scott personally for including me in the experience very early on. However, it's time for me to move on over to my new web site where I'm hosting my own .Text weblog now. So, without further adieu:


Posted: Aug 17 2004, 03:01 PM by drub0y
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Where I've Been, Where I'm Going

Where I've Been

Ok, so I'm back... albeit probably not at the capacity that I used to deliver, but I'm going to try and start getting back into the groove. Truth is, I've been lurking around all this time, reading other weblogs and keeping myself confined to responding via comments. This is mainly because I've been heads down for a long time working on the next-gen of software for my company. We're not done yet, but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. I've learned a lot of things during the project and I'm sure I'll learn a few more before we deliver the final release.

Where I'm Going

Before I went silent, I was working on moving my weblog off on to my own personal site. I got an account over at WebHosting4Life and even have .Text setup over there, but I left off working on a custom skin so my weblog has an original look. I just haven't had time to finish that, so maybe I'll go live with one of the built in skins. Keep your eyes peeled here for details about the move.

And now... let the posting resume!

Posted: Aug 13 2004, 02:51 PM by drub0y | with 90 comment(s)
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VS.NET Add-in Contest Third Place Winner's Entry?

Are you serious with the third place winner being "GoogleFind"?

I'm probably gonna come off looking like an ass for even bringing it up, but so be it. I posted a macro that did at the beginning of 2003. Here's the original post on my old Radio weblog dated 1/17/2003 and here's the post when I moved it to weblogs.asp.net and even that's dated 3/6/2003. Not only that, but the winner went way out of the way and forces you to copy an interop dll to your VS.NET installation when he could have just done what I did and called the environment's built in DTE.ItemOperations.Navigate method. No interop, no dll's to copy.

I'm not looking to win the contest or anything, but it seems unoriginal and unfair to the other entries. I mean, do just go search Google itself for "Google Macro" and see what comes up number one. The fact that anyone entering the contest would write something without making sure someone else didn't write it first is kinda sketchy. Not to mention the implementation shows a lack of knowledge of the VS.NET environment, so it's not exactly a poster child for what the entire contest stands for. There has to be more worthy entries in the running.

Finally, I'd like to extend a "sorry, nothin' personal" to Martin up front since I don't even know the guy and I know he didn't do a straight rip of my code, so it's not that bad.

Posted: Aug 13 2004, 01:58 PM by drub0y | with 13 comment(s)
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