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Published 16 April 05 06:21 AM | dmckinstry

If you're interested in MSF 4.0 and the the process customization capabilities of VSTS, and didn't see Randy Miller's "MSDN Webcast: Implementing and Customizing MSF 4.0 Process Guidance within Visual Studio 2005 Team System (Level 200)", I recommend it.

If you've been following MSF and process customization and just want a 'Readers Digest' version, here are a few take-aways that I thought were interesting:

  • Microsoft will support, out of the box, two process templates: MSF for Agile Software Development and MSF for CMMI Process Improvement.  This isn't new information but there has been some confusion.
  • Third parties are currently working on both custom processes and tools to help implement custom processes.
  • When beta 2 is released (very soon?), there will be another update in the MSF for Agile Software Development process guidance.  On the web cast I'd say the updates look small but meaningful nonetheless!
  • SCC Policies will not be default-able through process templates.  This is a feature set that was implied early on but has been apparently cut.  Chris Menegay voiced his opinion about it.  Athough I'm a little disappointed, I'll still be able to define my own policies.   I'll just have to take the step of enabling them for each team project.

Those are the biggest bullet points that I remember.  I'm sure that every else who saw the webcast took something else away.  If you'd like to add your own bullets to this post, feel free.  Two other non-bullet points (i.e., valuable only if you actually watch the webcast), I liked Randy's slide mapping the MSF 3.0 Team Model to MSF for Agile Software Development roles.  And also, it was nice to see the process guidance customization demonstrated.

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